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A Neurologist-Approved Trick For Using Technology More Mindfully

A simple suggestion to "reduce your screen time" might not be possible (or effective) in our new normal.

Elizabeth Della Rocca
July 24 2020

Why You Should Be Learning To Single-Task + 4 Easy Ways To Refocus

It turns out it's more efficient—and better for your state of mind—to do one thing at a time.

Anne Marie O’Connor
July 17 2020

Researchers Find A Better Risk Indicator For Early Forms Of Dementia

Dementia, in its various forms, affects an estimated 5 million (and growing) people over 65 in the United States.

Eliza Sullivan
July 14 2020

A Research Neuroscientist On The Link Between Vitamin D & Brain Health

Yet another reason to add more vitamin D to your daily routine.

Emma Loewe
July 14 2020

Are You An "S" Or "N"? The Difference Between These Myers-Briggs Types

You've probably seen or heard of the different Myers-Briggs personality types.

Sarah Regan
June 27 2020

5 Reasons To Consider A Regular Meditation Practice Right Now

Keeping our minds primed and sharp is essential to keeping our collective foot on the gas.

Jason Wachob
June 10 2020

Sleep Doctors Share How To Keep Dreams From Waking You Up At Night

We've all been there: You're in the midst of a vivid dream and you find yourself startled awake.

Sarah Regan
June 9 2020