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3 Fragrant Ways To Transform Your Mood + Boost Your Sex Appeal

How you smell seals the deal, and scent and sexual attraction are more closely linked than you might think.

Victorine Deych
December 24 2016

Great Skin Inside And Out: A Protein-Packed Winter Wonderbowl

Your body will love this wholesome green goodness. You will feel nourished, energized, light, and glowing—the way every recipe should make you feel.

Elissa Goodman
December 20 2016

5 Natural Toners For Any Skin Care Woe

Should you try the new multitasking toners? Hell yeah, you should!

Lindsay Cohn
December 19 2016

I Stopped Wearing Makeup & Here's What Happened

I'm not against women who feel it necessary to wear makeup every day. I get it; I used to be one of them. It's really hard to step out of the house...

Chau Le
December 18 2016

Simple Exercises For Body Confidence

Why embracing your body is the best thing you can do this winter.

Jordan Younger
December 17 2016

3 Easy Tips to Boost Your Collagen Intake

A delicious healing bone broth, plus supplement ideas to get all juicy and glowing!

Lana Almulla
December 16 2016

How I Lost My Hair to Lyme Disease & Grew It Back With Healing Herbs

After trying so many things to help regrow my hair and heal my body, I developed my healing hair remedies that I learned along the way and things I...

Lisa Holowaychuk
December 16 2016

Sexy Last-Minute Gifts This Holiday

From stocking stuffers to luxurious lingerie, I've curated my favorite intimate items you should add to your wish list. Read on to shop these...

Fern Olivia
December 16 2016

6 Ways To Look Like You've Gotten Your Beauty Sleep (Even If You Haven't)

This combination of unique skincare tips and expert makeup instruction will make dull, tired skin look well-rested and radiant.

December 14 2016

The Fitness World Can't Get Enough Of This Popular Hairstyle

Whether you're a spinner or a yogi, you'll want to hop on this trend.

Leigh Weingus
December 13 2016

5 Phytonutrients You Should Be Eating For An Everyday Detox

The color of your food matters—here's how to use it to your advantage.

Deanna Minich, M.D., IFMCP
December 7 2016

This Persian Saffron + Yogurt Face Mask Will Get You Glowing

This mask truly leaves your skin illuminated and glowing. Using yogurt (rich in zinc and B vitamins), which is a natural lactic acid, and combining it...

Shiva Rose
December 7 2016

The "I Woke Up Like This" Guide To Holistic Facial Treatments

These will eventually eliminate the need for any makeup for a true "I woke up like this" moment.

Lindsay Kellner
December 7 2016

4 Intensely Hydrating Lip Balms So You Can Pucker Up + A DIY Recipe

5 Intensely Hydrating Lip Balms So You Can Pucker Up

Lindsay Cohn
December 5 2016

DIY Face Wipes Are A Thing. Here's What You Need To Know

Sleeping in mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow clogs up your pores, puts you at risk for eye infections, and causes premature aging. So cut it out!...

Stephanie Gerber
December 4 2016

How Treating My Sinus Infection Cleared My Acne

Through lots of experiments and working as a health coach, I've picked up a few tricks that kicks a sinus infection and heals stubborn breakouts....

Lily Kunin
December 1 2016

The 4 Foods You Need To Heal Your Acne Naturally

Why eating these four foods will have a miraculous effect on your skin.

Amie Tollefsrud
November 29 2016

You Need This: A Holistic Dentist's 5-Step Routine For Perfect Oral Hygeine

Brighten your smile with these natural, gentle solutions that combine dentist-approved expertise for an easy 5-step oral health plan that your teeth...

Karla Solis, DDS
November 28 2016