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Are You In A Toxic Relationship? This Simple Quiz Can Help You Find Out

There is no room for aggression, threats, attacks, or controlling behavior in a healthy relationship.

Kelly Gonsalves
September 27 2021

Is Unrequited Love Really Love — Or Something Else Entirely?

Perhaps unrequited love is better defined simply as longing—longing for someone so desperately that it feels like love, even when it's not.

Kelly Gonsalves
September 26 2021

This Is What Narcissistic Abuse Looks Like — And Why It's So Harmful

If the relationship is all about the other person, that's not a good sign.

Nafeesah Allen, Ph.D.
September 25 2021

What Does It Really Mean To Be Passive-Aggressive? Here Are Some Examples

There are those who directly display aggression and those who don't.

Sarah Regan
September 24 2021

13 Signs You're Dealing With A Controlling Person + What To Do

Controlling behavior isn't always physical aggression and outright demands.

Sarah Regan
September 22 2021

5 Reasons Twin Flames Separate & What To Do If It Happens To You

Twin flame relationships aren't always meant to last.

Sarah Regan
September 21 2021

Getting This Kind Of Text From Your Ex Is A Big Red Flag

This is a common behavior among narcissists, BTW.

Julie Nguyen
September 18 2021