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PAID CONTENT FOR Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

The Super Seed You Should Be Eating Every Day

With their neutral flavor, chances are that hemp hearts (filled with protein and healthy fat) will work well in practically any dish you’re making!

May 10 2017

5 Surprising Things Almonds Can Be Used For

Almonds are a great snack pre- or post-workout and are the ultimate beauty food due to their vitamin E content. But do you know what other unique...

May 8 2017

The Broccoli Flax Pizza Tastes Way Too Good To Be Healthy

Cauliflower has nothing on our new fav crust, this supped-up broccoli!

Monica Yates
May 6 2017

Bond With Your Dog By Making This Nutritious Make-At-Home Pup Paella

There's nothing to stop you from enjoying this meal as much as your pup.

Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn
April 28 2017

The World's Best Pastries Are Gluten-Free. This Woman Is The Reason Why

A gluten intolerance diagnosis could have spelled the end of Liz Prueitt's baking career. It was the beginning of the best chapter yet.

Elizabeth Inglese
April 27 2017

Could You Be Throwing Out The Best Part Of Your Kale?

Did you know kale and collard stems are just as nutrient-dense as the leaves?

Terri Brownlee, MPH, RDN
April 12 2017

How Fermented Tea Leaves Take This Salad To The Next Level

Loaded with flavor and antioxidants, this salad gives us a new way to love tea.

Elizabeth Inglese
April 5 2017