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7 Ways To Cope When Dealing With Anger & Heartbreak

It's been a rough week. Make sure you're taking care of yourself.

#feminism #breath #makinghistory #depression
Kelly Gonsalves
May 30 2020

Sophia Roe Spills The "Discomfort Tea" On Diversity & Trauma

The chef and well-being advocate spills the "discomfort tea."

Hannah Margaret Allen
February 29 2020

The Balanced Black Girl On Amplifying Diversity & Michelle Obama's Advice

Balanced Black Girl was made for women of color to have candid conversations about health and well-being.

#makinghistory #Purpose
Adaeze Elechi
February 19 2020

Why Naj Austin Created Ethel's Club, A Wellness Space For People Of Color

Why people of color deserve their own spaces to nurture their well-being.

#feminism #friendship #Loneliness #makinghistory #social good
Amari D. Pollard
February 3 2020

Dominique Drakeford On Why 'Sustainability' Needs A New Definition

...and a major dose of culture and context.

#makinghistory #environmentalism
Emma Loewe
October 26 2019

T. Morgan Dixon Of GirlTrek On The Radical Power Of A Saturday Morning Walk

Don't miss her take on what "self-care" really means.

#makinghistory #friendship
Emma Loewe
August 21 2019

Harriet A. Washington On Environmental Injustice & Creating A Less Toxic World

Her new book, "A Terrible Thing to Waste," is a must-read.

#environmentalism #toxins at home #makinghistory
Emma Loewe
August 14 2019

We Spoke With Tracy G. To Find Out What Keeps Her Inspired & Empowered

We spoke with Tracy G., a "wellness artist" and radio host, on what keeps her empowered.

#affirmations #celebrity #confidence #empowerment #feminism
Olessa Pindak
February 27 2019

Lauren Ash On Creating Diverse Wellness Spaces, Healing & Changing Consciousness

Lauren Ash is making the wellness world more accessible for everyone, one om at a time.

#empowerment #feminism #makinghistory #social good
Adaeze Elechi
February 26 2019