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Could This Type Of Community Boost Longevity & Eradicate Loneliness?

The purposeful cultivation of community may combat isolation at this time of year.

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New Research Spills Just How Much Tea You Need To Drink To Live Longer

A study of over 100,000 people found this is how often we should be drinking tea.

Sarah Regan
January 9

The Shape Of Your Local Park May Affect Your Mortality, Study Finds

Research found oddly shaped parks resulted in a greater reduction in mortality risk for the residents who live nearby.

Sarah Regan
December 24 2019

Study Finds New Key To Longevity — And It's In The Gut

Everyone is looking for the best way to age gracefully, but the latest key to longevity is more than just a face cream.

Christina Coughlin
December 24 2019

Why This M.D. Looks To Sleep For Diagnostics & Treatments

Molly Maloof, M.D., sees sleep as one of the most important aspects of our wellness routine.

Eliza Sullivan
December 24 2019

This Form Of Therapy Can Ease Anxiety & Boost Your Longevity

The benefits of therapy have been well known for years, but did you know that it can do more than just treat the mind?

Christina Coughlin
December 20 2019

Helping Care For Grandchildren Linked To Less Loneliness, Study Finds

Active grandparenthood was tied to decreased feelings of loneliness and isolation in a new study.

Eliza Sullivan
December 17 2019

The 3 Best Healthy Aging Tips, According To Frank Lipman, M.D.

Frank Lipman, M.D.'s philosophy on healthy aging is surprisingly simple.

Jason Wachob
December 8 2019