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Meditation vs. Breathwork: New Study Finds One Is Better For Beating Stress

This breathing pattern was found to be most effective in a head-to-head study.

Jenny Fant
January 18

Headspace vs. Calm: Everything You Want To Know About The Top Meditation Apps

Plus, why meditation can take your well-being to new heights.

Jessie Quinn
October 9 2022

Here's How To Make Your Nighttime Routine More Meaningful In 5 Steps

Just because your daily 9-to-5 may be mundane doesn't mean your 5-to-9 has to follow suit.

Hannah Frye
May 15 2022

The Hack That Made Meditation 10x Easier For Me (Because You Know It's Hard)

I think finding ritual is a vital part of a more mindful life. And while meditation is in itself a ritual, sometimes I need a mini ritual on top of...

Alexandra Engler
May 13 2022

This Meditative Practice Might Be The Secret To More Orgasmic Sex

Orgasmic meditation intertwines mindfulness with intimacy and eroticism.

Julie Nguyen
March 9 2022

This Meditation Will Reacquaint You With Your Subtle, Energetic Body

Follow along with yoga teacher Kristin Leal as she guides the way inward.

3 Meditations To Help You Think About Something Other Than The Election

Things outside us may be crazy, but we can still find some calm within.

Sarah Regan
November 1 2020