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Is This Lifetime The One For You & Your Twin Flame? Signs To Look For

Few soul connections are as intense as a twin flame partnership.

Sarah Regan
June 8

Do You Only Want Sex Once There's An Emotional Connection? This May Be Why

Some people only feel sexual attraction when there's an emotional connection involved.

Is The Idea Of Maternal Instinct A Myth? Here's What The Research Says

Most parents would agree that the transition to parenthood is anything other than easy and seamless.

What People Find Sexually Attractive Changes With Age — Here's How

There's some nuance between men's and women's priorities—and they change with age.

Sarah Regan
May 19

Study Finds 4 Techniques Many Women Use To Make Sex Feel Better

Because penetration alone might not do the trick.

Abby Moore
May 18

How Well Do You Know Your Partner? Take This Couples’ Quiz To Find Out

This 55-question quiz will put your knowledge of each other to the test.

Sarah Regan
May 18