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150+ Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend To Really Get To Know Her

No. 1: Why do you think you are the way you are in relationships?

Kelly Gonsalves
June 29

What Does It Mean To Be Panromantic? A Look Into Different Types Of Attraction

Could you imagine yourself being in a relationship with someone of any gender?

75% Of Singles Want To Avoid This Common First-Date Activity, Hinge Finds

Heads up, if you're planning to go on some dates this summer!

Sarah Regan
June 23

Sex Experts Share Their Best Tips For Taking A Great Nude With Confidence

"Nobody has to see the nude for the picture taking to have benefit. Taking a photo can be a powerful way to celebrate your body."

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Orgasms Are Great, But Masturbation Also Comes With These 5 Health Benefits

We're finally starting to see masturbation for what it really is: a wellness practice.

Devon Barrow
June 15

Want A Long-Lasting Relationship? Aim For This Magic 5:1 Ratio, Experts Say

This is one thing happy couples have in common, according to relationship researchers.

Kelly Gonsalves
June 12

4 Things People Get Wrong About Bisexuality & What It Really Means To Be Bi

Over 50% of the LGBTQ+ community is bisexual. So why are bi folks so misunderstood?