7 Immune Boosters You've Probably Overlooked

Want to avoid getting sick this winter? Cold and flu prevention doesn’t stop at eating healthy and washing your hands. Take it to the next level with these seven immune-boosting tips.

Get your sweat on.

There's a protein called dermcidin that’s manufactured in sweat glands and protects against invading germs. When you sweat, dermcidin prevents bacteria from entering your body. 

Plus, if you’re up for it, a good workout can boost your immune system all on its own. According to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, 45 minutes of brisk exercise five days per week caused sickness rates to drop in half.
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Got too much on your plate lately? One of the quickest ways to tank your immune system is through stress. Mindfulness meditation can reduce your stress levels and boost your immune system in the process. Try taking a meditation class at your local yoga studio or hunker down at home with a guided meditation MP3. 

Hang out upside down.

In order to keep us healthy, our immune cells need to travel all around our bodies, which makes good circulation key. Gentle inverted yoga poses like downward dog and legs-up-the-wall are a great way to stabilize and strengthen circulation.

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Eat medicinal mushrooms.

In a 2005 study, researchers fed mice chaga mushroom extract daily after artificially suppressing their immune systems. Within eight days, the mice’s immune systems had completely returned to normal. Try chaga mushroom tea to boost your immune power — you might even be able to find one of these bad boys growing on a birch tree near you!

Lose the booze.

Malnutrition and cirrhosis of the liver are common among alcoholics and are known to adversely affect the body’s immune response. But even among non-alcoholics, having a few too many can suppress the immune system and make it easier to get sick. Forgo the booze altogether and enjoy a delicious mocktail instead.
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Bounce on a trampoline.

Jumping up and down on a trampoline improves lymph system circulation, which stimulates the immune system. Plus — let’s face it — what’s more fun than a little trampoline jumping in the morning? Give it a try while brushing your teeth!

Eat more protein.

Your body needs protein for growth and repair, and some of those amino acids, like glutamine and arginine, are ultra-important for immune health. Make sure each and every one of your meals and snacks includes a good source of protein

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