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Not All Bone Broths Are Created Equal. Here's What To Look For

March 02, 2021
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
By Matt Scheetz, NASM-CPT
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Matt Scheetz is a brand strategist at mindbodygreen and a NASM-certified personal trainer.
Image by MILLES STUDIO / Stocksy
March 02, 2021

If you're reading this, you've probably heard of bone broth before. From its digestive properties to the way it promotes glowing skin and nails to its role in reducing food waste, this superfood is one of the simplest ways to take your entire wellness routine to the next level.

But a wellness routine is only beneficial if it's just that: a routine. If you find yourself struggling to find the motivation or resources to make it happen, chances are you'll have a pretty hard time sticking to your goals—that's where bone broth comes in. Don't believe us? Here's what Whole30 co-founder and CEO Melissa Urban says:

"Bone broth is exploding right now, for good reason! The collagen, amino acids, and minerals from slow-roasted broth support gut, skin, and joint health, and each mug is a great source of protein. I love Kettle & Fire for their variety of Whole30 Approved broths that go straight from my pantry to a mug or recipe in five minutes flat."

But with all the bone broth brands on the shelves (or online shops) these days, it's imperative that you find the one that matches up with your goals.

That's why we teamed up with Kettle & Fire to help you sort through the clutter and figure out how to find a bone broth that's not just a short-term experiment but a long-term staple in your everyday routine. The best part? You can get 15% off your Kettle & Fire order and kick-start your wellness routine here.

Keep your taste buds on their toes.

Image by Kettle & Fire / mbg Contributor

First and foremost, no practice stands a chance at becoming a habit if it's not something you actually enjoy doing. And if we're talking about the things you're putting into your body, that means nourishing yourself with foods that leave you wanting more. Thankfully, brands like Kettle & Fire aren't just great for your skin, joints, and gut—they're great for your taste buds as well.

With drool-inducing flavors like Turmeric Ginger or Mushroom Chicken, the only added ingredient you need is a spoon (or a ladle...we won't judge). If you're trying to ditch the caffeine (or just cut back), these zesty flavors are the perfect way to beat the afternoon slump (without the crash). Bonus points: You can still use your favorite coffee mug.

Simple, pronounceable ingredients.

You've probably heard this one before, but a good rule of thumb when choosing any food is whether or not your grandmother would recognize the ingredients. If you turn over the box and see anything artificial, you should probably put it back on the shelf. 

Kettle & Fire sets the bar pretty high in this category. No artificial flavorings, no added preservatives—just real, whole-food ingredients from natural sources you can feel good about putting in your body. Their "Low & Slow" 14-hour cooking process means that their products have time to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from the bones—resulting in a broth that packs more of the good stuff than you'll find elsewhere.

Versatile, efficient, convenient.

Image by JARUSHA BROWN / Stocksy

There's a reason that perfectly manicured açaí bowl you used to make every morning is no longer part of your routine. Research shows that it takes about two months for a practice to become a habit, so when it comes to your diet, you should prioritize foods that are quick, convenient, and fit any lifestyle.  

So while yes, you can make your own bone broth at home, it's also a laborious process that may require an entire day of slaving over the stove. Lucky for you (and all of us), Kettle & Fire took care of that step already. Swap your crockpot for your cursor by clicking "add to cart," and you'll have a bundle of bone broth at your doorstep in just two to five business days. And once it arrives, there's no shortage of ways to use it—we like to get creative and blend their Coconut Curry Lime flavor with some coconut milk for an umami-packed latte.

Sustainable sourcing is now the standard.

What makes one bone broth different from another? It starts at the source (and yes, we do mean the farm). Buying broths made from humanely raised animals isn't just better for them—it's also better for you!

Looking for an example? Brands like Kettle & Fire are making humanely produced broth more accessible than ever. Think grass-fed, grass-finished cattle bones, pasture-raised chicken bones, and all organic veggies and spices. Why does this matter? Because animals raised in this way can excrete more of those trace minerals (like iron, zinc, and manganese), resulting in a broth that's good for you, good for them, and good for the earth.

That's a win-win(-win).

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This ad is displayed using third party content and we do not control its accessibility features.
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