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6 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight (That Have Nothing To Do With Diet And Exercise)

Research shows that factors besides diet and physical activity can contribute to weight gain, including environmental toxins and changes in your...

Craig Cooper
February 15 2016

7 Signs Your Gut Needs Healing + How to Do It: A Doctor Explains

As an integrative neurologist, I'm fascinated by the connection between the brain and gut. And what I’ve found after working with thousands of...

Kulreet Chaudhary, M.D.
January 5 2016

Heal Your Gut With This Simple Bone Broth Recipe

Bone broth was the superfood that never made it on the list of superfoods — until recently.

December 1 2015

The Questions I Get Asked Most About The Microbiome: A Gastroenterologist Explains

Robynne Chutkan, M.D. FASGE, shares the 10 questions she hears most often, and what she tells patients.

Get Glowing! 3 Musts For Healthy Skin (No Products Required)

Your skin really is an expression of what’s happening inside your body, so it’s no surprise that what you put in it will be reflected on the outside....

Jessica Sepel
July 5 2015

Want Glowing Skin? 5 Easy Steps That Start With Your Gut

It's easy to overlook our gut as the source of skin troubles. But if the well-being of our internal organs and energy levels are determined by what we...

Anna Mitsios, N.D.
June 29 2015

The Surprising Way To Heal Your Gut (Infographic)

Let's say you're already eating clean but still suffering with bloat, constipation, or any other chronic gut issue. What's the best way to heal?

Amy Shah, M.D.
June 23 2015

18 Prebiotic-Rich Foods For A Gut-Friendly Diet

Our guts have 100 trillion bacteria that need to be fed.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor
May 19 2015

Gut-Friendly Blueberry Probiotic Smoothie

If you're looking for a nutritious and very refreshing summer drink, this is it. Blueberries are my favorite fruit to eat this time of year, as...

Sylvia Alakusheva
May 16 2015

6 Things Everyone Should Know About Acid Reflux

You've probably heard of acid reflux and its classic symptom, heartburn. But did you know that acid reflux can cause problems not just in your...

Why Diet Sodas Are THE WORST

Sugar-free sodas, teas and sport drinks are marketed as the right choice for anyone trying to lose weight or control their diabetes. These diet drinks...

5 Foods To Rev Up Your Metabolism

The problem with many diets is that they focus on what you shouldn't have instead of on what you should have!

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
September 17 2014

How To Optimize Your Microbiome For Brain Health & Weight Loss

Your gastrointestinal system, which is comprised of your stomach as well as your small and large intestines, is home to over 100 trillion bacteria,...

How Food Affects Your Brain: Dr. Drew Ramsey

Psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey discusses how poor diets and a lack of nutrients have harmed our brains, causing anxiety and depression, and why a client...

August 20 2014