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The 3 Types Of Cheating + How They Each Affect Your Relationship

It’s typically not the sex that’s most upsetting to a betrayed partner. It’s the constant lying and the keeping of important secrets.

How To Know When You're Ready To Find Your Soul Mate

Relationship expert Sue Johnson explains the way our desires evolve, and how to recognize when you're truly ready to find a life partner.

How To Manifest A Relationship With Your Ideal Partner

If I told you that I had the secret for finding your soul mate, your dream guy, your Ryan Gosling, would you give it a try?

Emma Mildon
May 12 2016

How To Attract A New, Better Kind Of Love

You might be blocking yourself from love. Here's how.

Shelly Bullard, MFT
May 10 2016

A Beautiful Meditation To Help You Manifest Your Ideal Relationship

This visualization technique is a majorly effective way to invite life-changing love into your world.

Biet Simkin
May 9 2016

Crystal Connections: 4 Loving Stones For Attracting & Keeping Your Soulmate

These high-vibe stones will guide you through every stage of your search for a soul mate.

Emma Mildon
May 4 2016

8 Ways To Start Exploring Tantric Sex (Or Take Your Practice To A Deeper Level)

"Tantra is not about the sacredness of sex, but about the sacredness of everything, including sex." -Rashmi Tantra

Raine Leigh
April 21 2016

Keep Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Partners? Read This

Knowing and owning your own role in the interaction is the best way for you to take back your power and create relationships that truly meet your...

Psalm Isadora
April 20 2016

The Best Sex Ever Comes Down To Just One Thing

Sex should never stop being fun. Here's the key to keeping it spicy.

Jeff Kane, MFT, PhD
April 11 2016

The Essential Ingredient Your Relationship May Be Missing

Going silent is a defense mechanism often used when relationships go off track. But, in fact, this shutdown—this silence—usually makes things worse.

Sue Johnson, M.A., EdD
April 10 2016

The Crucial Quality In A Life Partner You Might Be Forgetting About

Find someone who appreciates holding your hand during an evening walk, the scent of fresh roses, the overpowering beauty of live music, and the sound...

Monica Parikh
April 6 2016

6 Reasons You Don't Feel Cherished In Your Relationship

Every relationship is different, so I'm not going to pretend I know the exact answer. However, there are universal principles that may be holding you...

Valerie Kolick, M.A.
April 5 2016

7 Essential Qualities Of True, Lasting Love

Give love as you would like to experience love. You'll get it back—and then some.

Vishnu Subramaniam
April 3 2016

How To Keep Your Relationship Together (Even When It's Falling Apart)

Maybe what we call "true love" isn’t for the fairy tales and romance novels or just for the silver screen anymore. We have, at last, a practical map...

Sue Johnson, M.A., EdD
March 31 2016