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This Sensual Practice Is The Perfect Way To Introduce Hesitant Partners To Tantra

"Tantra not as out-there as people think. It's simply the process of slowing down, being more present, and actually connecting."

Psalm Isadora
November 18 2016

The Real Reason You Never Forget Your First Love

These memories can last a long time—some even a lifetime. But why? Well, it turns out, science has the answer.

Dawn Maslar
November 17 2016

Want To Save Your Relationship? This Strategy Might Be Just What You Need

You're probably an expert on what isn't working in your relationship. Is your partner an expert in your shortcomings? How's that working? Is it...

Jason MacKenzie
November 16 2016

How To Turn A Booty Call Into A Real Date

"This is a story of how I turned a booty call into a proper date."

Sandy Weiner
November 16 2016

How My Conventional Marriage Turned Into A Group Marriage + What That Means

"A true, flaming love that awakens me with joy every morning and lulls me to sleep in peace each night might come in any kind of package."

Annice Star
November 14 2016

5 Reasons You Can't Find Lasting Love (And How To Overcome Them)

I once visited a fortuneteller. I was secretly hoping she would alleviate some of my anxiety about meeting my life partner. She looked at me then...

Shannon Kaiser
November 12 2016

We Can Harness The Momentum Of Change To Manifest Love & Hope. Here's How

"While our personal fears may be completely different, the human experience of fear is universal. Let's leverage that common bond as a means of...

Kirsten Karchmer
November 10 2016

These Inspirational Illustrations Are Just Begging To Be Instagrammed

Meet the artist who turned her loss into love with these heartwarming comics.

Allison Daniels
November 10 2016

The Moment I Knew I Had To Leave My Abusive Husband

"He backhanded my cheekbone and nose with his knuckles. It felt like a knife slicing my face, but then came sudden, flaming heat. He bounded out of...

Betty Hafner
November 6 2016

How To Make Any Kiss Infinitely More Sensual: A Tantra Expert Explains

"This is about learning to savor every moment of pleasure you have—eating, kissing, and even sex—in a slower, more mindful way."

Psalm Isadora
November 4 2016

Having "A Song" Can Help Save A Rocky Relationship. Here's Why

"A shared song can be more powerful than a negative experience. Here are three ways you and your partner can use music to reignite your loving...

Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT
November 2 2016

Are You In A Toxic Relationship? Ask These 11 Questions To Find Out For Sure

"When we compromise ourselves, when we make ourselves small—we diminish the unique qualities that make us the loving, lovable, irreplaceable beings...

Halley Bock
November 1 2016

Tonight's Halloween New Moon In Scorpio Is The Most Powerful Of The Year

"Scorpio is the ruler of transformation, making this lunation extra powerful when it comes to shifting parts of our lives that have been—until...

The AstroTwins
October 30 2016

The Ancient Personality Test That'll Help You Find True Love

"Knowing about your element, however, is one of the main ways to quickly sum up whether you will be rocking on a swing set together in old age or if...

Dondi Dahlin
October 27 2016

It's Scorpio Season: Here's What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Relationships

Whether you're breaking up, making up, falling in love, or trying to figure out that infuriating person, knowing your love horoscope can help make...

The AstroTwins
October 23 2016

6 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Marriage

These little changes can strengthen your marriage and reaffirm the intimacy you might have started to take for granted.

Dr. Janna Fond
October 22 2016

How To Make Your Relationship Feel Brand-New (No Matter How Long You've Been Together)

"Novelty adds satisfaction to relationships and can reignite passion. You may find it unexpectedly invigorating—and just plain fun."

Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT
October 17 2016