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How Meditation Helped Me Manifest Marriage

Miro Holopainen
Updated on September 14, 2020
Miro Holopainen
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Last updated on September 14, 2020

I marriage myself into marriage.

That's right, you read correctly. I got myself a wife through meditation. Without meditation I might not (and probably wouldn't) be married right now.

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I used to be lonely. Very lonely. It was not that I didn't having friends — but for most of my life, I hadn't experienced real intimacy, I had no one to share my life with. I used to hate Christmas, because it was a family event and it reminded me of the fact that I was in my thirties, and had been single for so long.

I also found that when you are that alone (as I was), you start to hang out with those who feel comparably lonely. I was almost running out of friends without partners and/or families.

A surprising suggestion lead to a new meditation practice

How do you meet people? I always wondered. The truth is: it's hard. I was very much over going out to clubs and partying. So I found myself spending more time with my parents for company and closeness. But I think they were starting to get a little worried. Out of nowhere my mother came to me with a bizarre but fascinating idea: "How about taking a shiatsu course?" she suggested. I thought about it for a while and agreed. I believed in the mind-body connection, and moreover, I had nothing to lose, so why not?!

On my first beginner shiatsu1 course, I felt out of place. We started our days with Qigong and ended in a circle holding hands. What on Earth was going on? I found myself thinking throughout class. It took me a while to speak to anyone in there. All of these people are freaks! I judged, while looking around the room, constantly. They were friendly and nice freaks, but still pretty weird.

One day our teacher asked us if we wanted to change our lives. Most of us said yes, immediately. He told us there was a chant he had learned when he was visiting Japan. And he claimed that the chant had changed his life two times already in the past—but warned us that it should only be done under supervision, and in a safe place. This only made us want to try the chant more ...

He told us that for ten days we should meditate and say the chant ten times. Then and only then our lives would take a new turn. Because of the intensity of the chant, it was even possible for the chant to have a drastic—and even negative—effect on your life. (That's specifically why the chanting meditation should be done in a safe place and under supervision, according to my shiatsu teacher).

The main thing I wanted to change about my life was that I was single and felt very lonely. Other problems existed, sure, but the relationship issue had persisted, so it felt like the issue to be tackled with the chanting experiment. Armed with a strong desire to change, I meditated religiously using the chant. I didn't know if it was going to work, but I was not going to let it fail due to lack of trying.

This is what happened

Ten days passed and nothing. No changes. The only new thing I realized was that I had gotten into the pattern of talking with a particular person at the shiatsu course. Talking over some herbal tea, we first exchanged shiatsu practices. And that lead to thinly veiled excuses to meet outside the course.

Yes, you guessed it, one thing lead to another and now I'm glad to call this person I met at that shiatsu course my wife. I haven't felt lonely after I met her. We got married this summer and had beautiful garden wedding. In short, the chanting meditation worked for me! I can honestly say that meditation has changed me, and my entire life.

I can also say that I'm not exactly sure how that chant worked, but it did. Did it give my brain a message to go for that goal of finding someone? Did it open up a blocked chakra, that was stopping free flow of energy from the universe through my body? Did it help me open up to give love another go? I think all of those choices are plausible, and I am fine with the fact, that I don't know for sure. I know I can trust and appreciate experiences I have because of meditation. Maybe that is the most important thing that the chant changed in me.

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Miro Holopainen
Miro Holopainen

Miro Holopainen, while sipping the best green tea he can get his hands on, is trying to balance a spiritual existence with new tech. His tools of choice range from a sharpie to a trackpad and a keyboard. Sometimes words come out, other times it is data visualizations or illustrations.