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The Holistic Host's Complete Guide To Holiday Home Prep

Craft a cozy home your guests will never want to leave.

Emma Loewe
December 23 2016

Why You Need More Plants In Your Life (According To Science)

Health simply means coming back to who you are, and part of that is coming back to nature.

Michelle Polk
October 28 2016

5 Signs Your House Is Making You Sick + How To Solve Them

Keeping a healthy home is easy, if you know what to look out for.

Amanda Klecker
October 23 2016

8 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Like A Sanctuary: Tips From An Interior Designer

These days, it's hard to craft a home that speaks to you. Let us help.

Emeli Ericsson
October 4 2016

Your 7-Step Guide To A Minimalist Home

We all have different interior design styles, but we could all do with less clutter in our lives.

Jo Hartley
September 24 2016

7 Things You Need To Know Today (September 9)

All the wellness news you need to know, including goat yoga, the world's most beautiful tiny house, and the link between Facebook and happiness.

Leigh Weingus
September 9 2016

This Organizational Technique Will Totally Change Your Life

Mari Kondo spills the four ways in which decluttering not only tidy up, but also spark life fulfillment.

September 7 2016

10 Sacred Herbs That Can Clear Your Home Of Negative Energy

Cedar, sandalwood, and rosemary are powerful cleansers as well.

Dana Claudat
September 4 2016

I've Downsized 3 Times In The Past 18 Months. Here's Why I'm Happier Than Ever

"We've both finally come to realize that life is about experiences, not things."

Amie Tollefsrud
August 26 2016

Design Hacks To Boost The Good Vibes In Your Home (For Under $10)

Home decor can be expensive .... but it doesn't have to be. Ready to shake things up?

Dana Claudat
August 12 2016

5 Ways Decluttering Will Transform Your Life

When clutter takes over, things feel shackled and restrained. When a space has order, there's a feeling of freedom.

Lisa Viscardi
July 30 2016

I Live In A 56-Square-Foot Tiny House. Here Are My Top Tips For Decluttering

"Choose one object that reminds you of how well you’ve been loved or have loved another."

Dee Williams
July 27 2016