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A Simple Process For Transforming Disappointment Into Gratitude

There's always something that went well—and some lesson to be learned.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
December 20 2022

30+ Gratitude Journal Prompts, Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Let yourself feel grateful, and then share it with the world.

Alex Shea
October 28 2022

Why You Might Want To Stay In & Rest This Week, According To An Intuitive

This week asks us to show up for ourselves in the most comforting of ways.

Natasha Levinger
June 21 2022

How This Inclusive Community Is Helping Women Attain Mindfulness (Psst ... You're Invited)

Dani Parker, AthletaWell's Mindful Movement guide shares her tips for mindfulness.

Devon Barrow
November 22 2021