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A Psychologist On Why You Need To Relate To Your Future Self & How To Do It

Four reasons you may not relate to your future self, and five ways to get there.

Our Favorite Home Tip Of The Year Had Nothing To Do With Decluttering

This year taught us the importance of setting aside time and space for ourselves.

Emma Loewe
December 29 2020

This Simple Trick Might Just Make Your Affirmations More Powerful

Repeating affirmations can be a helpful and powerful tool.

Sarah Regan
December 24 2020

Meet Your "Shadow Self": What It Is, When It Forms & How To Work With It

A licensed therapist and neuroscientist offer tips on finding and facing your shadows.

Sarah Regan
December 22 2020

A Psychologist On 3 Things Emotionally Resilient People Have In Common

With any hardship comes our ability (or lack thereof) to bounce back.

Sarah Regan
December 17 2020

Winter Have You Feeling Down? An Author On Finding The Season's Gifts

Is there a way to change the way we view winter so we can get the most out of it?

Sarah Regan
December 16 2020