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The Spiritual Symbolism Of The Butterfly & What To Do When You See One

There's something magical about the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Sarah Regan
July 21

How Does Being An Only Child Really Affect People? We Asked Experts

There are a lot of stereotypes that come with being an only child.

Sarah Regan
July 19

What Divine Inspiration Really Is & How To Cultivate More Of It

Have you ever been struck by an inexplicable creative urge?

Sarah Regan
July 14

Following My Dad's Death, This Research Convinced Me Of An Afterlife

I'm someone who operates off of solid research and evidence, not faith or belief.

Elizabeth Entin
July 12

Get A Quick Energy Read On Summer With This 7-Card Tarot Spread

Now that it's finally summer, you might be wondering what the next three months will hold.

Sarah Regan
June 30

Devoted To Rest: How Taking Sabbath Can Ease Stress & Promote Purpose

In today's busy world, we need to prioritize rest the same way we do productivity.

Donavyn Coffey
June 27

Can Past Life Regression Give You Clues Into Previous Lifetimes?

Experts in science and spirituality weigh in on the practice.

Sarah Regan
June 24

What Does It Mean To Be Biromantic? Defining Identity Outside Of Sex

Your romantic orientation isn't always the same as your sexual orientation.