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I'm A Mixed Black Woman & This Is How I Finally Released Toxic Beauty Standards

"I remember being told on countless occasions that I was 'pretty for a Black girl.' Was I not supposed to be pretty because I was Black?"

"Mommy Issues" Are A Thing: Here's How They Could Be Showing Up In Your Life

"Daddy issues" are more commonly talked about, but "mommy issues" are definitely a thing too.

Sarah Regan
October 14

How To Move Forward When Life Throws A Wrench In Your Plans

When life is unpredictable, you can still find the beauty in it.

Devon Barrow
October 4

This Spiritual Symbol Is A Magnet For Good Luck: Here's How To Use It

The lotus is revered for its resilience and, of course, its beauty.

Sarah Regan
September 14

3 Pieces Of Good News From The New IPCC Climate Change Report (Yes, Really)

The report itself does not offer "good" news, but there are some important silver linings.

Jason Wachob
September 8