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We Need To Talk About The Loneliness Of Election Season

This time of year can make some people feel isolated.

Sarah Regan
14 hours ago

A 2-Minute Stretch To Release The Nasty Neck & Shoulder Tension You're Storing

Many of us experience neck and shoulder pain, eye strain, and tension headaches.

Sarah Regan
15 hours ago

The 7 Natural Makeup Tips Women Need In Their 50s & Beyond

We uncovered the best techniques to highlight your features (and avoid common mistakes) from three seasoned makeup artists.

Jamie Schneider
a day ago

Can't Recall Something? These Scientists Can Help You Hack Your Memory

Researchers at Stanford seek to hack our memory to make recall work better—because the two are different.

Eliza Sullivan
a day ago

Depressed People Have A Specific Pattern Of Social Media Use, Study Finds

The timing and content of social media usage may signal depression.

Abby Moore
a day ago