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Things To Remember If You're In A Someone With Depression

At least 7% of U.S. adults suffer from depression.

Sarah Regan
7 hours ago

Oh, This Is How You Should *Actually* Trim Your Eyebrows: A 6-Step Expert Guide

There's a bit of caution to mind before going in with a shaky hand.

Jamie Schneider
8 hours ago

3 Pelvic Floor Exercises To Help Release Sticky Tension All Over Your Body

As a corrective exercise specialist, I'd argue that the ability to find full relaxation of these muscles is equally if not more important than...

Helen Phelan
9 hours ago

Put Down The Mouthwash: Here's What An MD Recommends For Bad Breath

Put down the oral rinse: Here's what an MD recommends for feeling clean.

Jamie Schneider
13 hours ago

This Spine-Strengthening Yoga Pose Also Activates Your Core & Glutes

This challenging backbend is a variation of pigeon pose.

Sarah Regan
2 days ago

Meet The Moon: One Of Tarot's Most Mysterious & Elusive Cards

This card reminds us that to fully show up as ourselves, we must face our shadows.

Sarah Regan
2 days ago

The Key To This Vegan Pastry Is A Familiar Mediterranean Pantry Essential

This vegan pastry recipe from Claire Saffitz pulls one of our favorite oils into the baking world: olive oil. It results in a lovely flaky pie crust.

Eliza Sullivan
2 days ago