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If Your Nails Can't Grow Without Snapping Or Snagging, Try This

There’s one thing that never goes out of style, however, and that’s the ability to grow healthy, long nails. Here's how to do it.

#skin care #Nails #mbgpersonalcare
Alexandra Engler
6 days ago

Calling It: Tahini Nails Will Dominate The Low-Key Manicure Scene

The yummiest, no-fuss nail color yet.

#skin care #Nails
Jamie Schneider
August 9

I'm A Celebrity Esthetician & Manicurist: Do This Once A Week For Crepey Hands

Clippers at the ready…

#skin care #Crepey skin #Nails #Like A Pro #mbgpersonalcare
Jamie Schneider
August 3

​​"Naked Nails" Are Poised To Dominate Summer Manis — 3 Tips To Master The Trend

Make your summer mani a little more elevated—and a little less tedious.

#Nails #skin care #Collagen
Jamie Schneider
June 28

3 Ways To Make Your Pedicure Last Longer, From A Nail Expert

Call me dramatic, but is there anything worse than a cracked and frayed pedicure smack-dab in the middle of open-toe season?

#Like A Pro #Nails #skin care #mbgpersonalcare

PSA: This Nail Technique Gives You Gel-Like Tips Without The Damage

Yes, you can have longer nails without getting plastic tips.

#Nails #skin care #mbgpersonalcare
Hannah Frye
April 29

The Sneaky Cause Of Brittle, Bendy Nails + A Quick Fix

Just as how glowing skin doesn't happen overnight, strong nails take dedicated work.

#Nails #mbgpersonalcare #skin care
Hannah Frye
March 18

Are Gel Nails Bad For You? Here's What Pros Want You To Know

If you get gel manis, read this.

#Nails #skin care #Collagen
Hannah Frye
February 24

I've Tried Everything To Get My Nails To Grow — This Did The Trick

This is the only collagen that's kept my nails free of breakage.

#mbgsupplements #Collagen #Nails
Kalie Lovell
February 2

Have Soft + Bendy Nails? Here's Why & How To Strengthen Them

Don't worry—paper thin tips are more common than you might think.

#Nails #healthy aging #toxins at home
Hannah Frye
January 15

Yikes: These 3 Common Habits Are Getting In The Way Of Strong Nails

Growing long and strong nails isn't easy for everyone—but it is possible.

#Nails #Collagen #mbgsupplements
Hannah Frye
January 6

Just In: These Are The Prettiest Nail Colors For NYE (No Glitter Required)

A sparkly shade isn't your only option.

Jamie Schneider
December 27 2022

We're Calling It: This Flattering Nail Trend Will Be Everywhere This Winter

Learn how to master this universally flattering look—and make it your own.

Jamie Schneider
December 9 2022

Nail Strengthener Not Working? Reach For This Supplement Instead

It's a quick and easy way to support your nails from within.

#Collagen #Nails #mbgsupplements
Hannah Frye
November 28 2022

I'm A Pro Manicurist & Skipping These Steps Will Chip Your Polish In Days

Here's how to increase the longevity of your mani.

#Like A Pro #Nails
Jamie Schneider
November 24 2022

These Supplements May Be The Key To Healthy Hair, Nails & Skin (Yes, All Three!)

Full hair, vibrant skin, strong nails—the quintessential beauty trifecta.

#skin care #mbgsupplements #healthy aging #hair #Nails
Alexandra Engler
November 14 2022

Oh, So *This* Is Why I'm So Prone To Hang Nails + The Best Solutions

Here's the 101 on hangnails from causes to treatment and prevention so you can be prepped and ready next time one pops up.

#Nails #skin care #mbgpersonalcare
Hannah Frye
November 11 2022

Want To Nail An At-Home Mani? Here Are 3 Things *Not* To Do

"Go big or go home."

#Nails #diy beauty #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
October 20 2022