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I'm A Veterinarian: These 6 Tips Can Help Your Pets Live Longer

Dogs provide unwavering comfort and cuddles, so how do we support their needs?

An MD & PhD Say This One Social Habit Can Transform Your Health

According to these experts, this can help us all reach the fullest version of health.

Olivia Giacomo
September 21

3 Longevity-Supporting Tips We Can Glean From Other Cultures' Eating Habits

If you want to maintain optimal health, it's not just about *what* you eat but *how* you eat.

Amelia Abbott-Frey
September 6

I'm A Longevity Expert & This Is *Exactly* How I Eat To Increase My Lifespan

Considering he has a mission to live to 200 years old, these tips truly go the distance.

Olivia Giacomo
August 29

Why Do We Really Age? A Longevity Expert Explains 2 Popular Theories

These two theories shed light on the aging process, and our understanding of it.

Sergey Young
August 24