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3 Longevity-Supporting Tips We Can Glean From Other Cultures' Eating Habits

If you want to maintain optimal health, it's not just about *what* you eat but *how* you eat.

Amelia Abbott-Frey
September 6

I'm A Longevity Expert & This Is *Exactly* How I Eat To Increase My Lifespan

Considering he has a mission to live to 200 years old, these tips truly go the distance.

Olivia Giacomo
August 29

Why Do We Really Age? A Longevity Expert Explains 2 Popular Theories

These two theories shed light on the aging process, and our understanding of it.

Sergey Young
August 24

4 Tips To Make Exercising For Longevity Easy, From The Blue Zones Founder

Those in the Blue Zones don't have gym memberships or an affinity for marathons—rather, they're infusing movement into their everyday lives.