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This Viral Video Has Been Viewed Over 77 Million Times. Here’s The Story Behind It

"I made a sign that said 'free hugs' and went into the city, scared absolutely shitless. I had no idea what was going to happen."

Kim Corbin
May 5 2017

This Man Has Fed 7 Million Children: Here's What He Can Teach You About True Happiness

"It really feels like so little that we do [in the end], but it has such a big impact on [people's] lives."

Will Jelbert
July 9 2016
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What I'm Learning About Resilience As An Injured Pro Athlete

Pro athlete Amelia Boone turned her stress fracture from disaster into a #SmallWin opportunity by focusing on what she could do—not dwelling on what...

Amelia Boone
June 16 2016

7 Ways To Raise Caring Kids In An All-About-Me Culture

The parenting road may be bumpy, but if you stay focused on raising a caring child, there will be no better reward: You will have raised a good human...

Michele Borba
June 7 2016

How To Nurture Your Relationship When Life Gets In The Way

External factors play a huge part in how we treat our significant others, unless we consciously curb that tendency. So, focus on what you can...

Tyler Leslie
April 6 2016

Think You're Always Right? It's Probably Ruining Your Relationship

Eckhart Tolle goes as far as to describe the need to be right as a form of violence. At its mildest, it is inflexibility. At its height, it manifests...

Dr. Roger Landry
March 29 2016

Why The Internet Is Wrong About Amanda Chantal Bacon

I took a little cruise into the gutter and stopped at some death threats and hash tags about my child, and then the most amazing thing happened.

Colleen Wachob
February 11 2016

A Simple Mindfulness Exercise To Promote Kindness & Self-Compassion

As a doctor of preventive and lifestyle medicine, I know the importance of stress management. And a key element of managing stress and finding true...

Dr. Jennifer Weinberg
February 11 2016

10 Easy Ways To Cultivate Compassion

The virtue of compassion is universally valued.

Dr. Lissa Rankin
January 26 2016

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Pledge 99% Of Their Facebook Shares To Charity

The Zuck is on a roll. He announced in September that Facebook will be helping the UN provide Internet access to refugee camps. In November, he...

Emi Boscamp
December 1 2015

The Nonnegotiable Qualities Of A Lasting Relationship

Everybody wants to build a strong and healthy relationship, but people often don’t realize how much effort it actually takes. Though a successful...

Tyler Leslie
November 21 2015

You'll Never Believe What This Bride Did When Her $35,000 Wedding Got Called Off

This wedding story will make you grab your tissues — and not for the reason you think.

Emi Boscamp
October 20 2015

10 Countries That Can Teach Us A Lesson In Kindness

I can't speak for the rest of the country, but we New Yorkers aren't the politest of people. Though I love my city very much, I think we could have...

Emi Boscamp
August 17 2015

How To Deal When A Relationship Turns Poisonous

I’ve been let down by a lot of people in my life. Friends, family, boys, bosses — you name it. When it starts to be a recurring theme in a...

Sandra Chabot Weber
April 23 2015

5 Questions To Ask Every Day For Clarity, Confidence & Kindness

A well-timed question is the key to powerful transformation. If you’d like greater clarity, confidence and self-compassion in your life, here are five...

Hannah Braime
April 22 2015

This Cute Cat Is A Nurse At A Polish Animal Shelter (Yes, Seriously)

I'm not even a cat person, and this got an "aww" out of me.

Emi Boscamp
April 16 2015

You've Heard Gratitude Is Good For You. Here's What Science Says

A growing body of scientific work shows that gratitude and kindness are traits that lead to higher levels of well-being. People who are grateful and...

Michael T. Murray
March 29 2015

Heartwarming Photographs Of A Police Officer Helping A Runner Finish 10K Race

The people who garnered the most attention from the 10K Rodes City Run in Louisville on Saturday were not those who finished first and second; no,...

Emi Boscamp
March 23 2015

I'm Too Nice & That Can Be A Problem. Here's How I'm Being More Authentic

I confess: I'm a "nice-a-holic," even if that means forfeiting honesty. So this year I resolved to have my mouth and heart say the same thing. My hope...

Mark Hyman, M.D.
March 10 2015