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6 Ways Anyone Can Be A Great Parent

As one year winds down and another begins, we take a moment to reflect on the job we're doing as parents and look for ways we can improve. Just having...

Stephen Cowan, M.D.
December 31 2014

People Were Made To Be Kind, Science Says (Video)

If the fact that it's Friday wasn't enough good news for you, then you're in luck. Drum roll, please ... People aren't innately selfish, power-hungry...

Emi Boscamp
December 5 2014

Study Says Most People Prefer Losing Money To Hurting A Stranger

If you needed your faith in humanity restored today, there's good news: A new study found that people would rather lose money than inflict pain on...

Emi Boscamp
November 18 2014

12 Ways To Invite Kindness Into Your Life

Being a human can be a difficult and lonely experience at times. We all endure tragedies, setbacks, sadness, or being too busy to appreciate life. I...

Naomi Teeter
November 11 2014

If You Want To Be Attractive, Just Be Nice, Study Says

The stereotypical "mean girl" may have been the most attractive person at your high school, but according to a new paper in Personality and Individual...

Emi Boscamp
October 31 2014

10 Tips To Make Anyone's Day A Little Bit Better

The word "nice" is often overused and misunderstood. Today, I have a healthy definition of the word "nice," but when I was a young girl in an...

Barb Schmidt
October 23 2014

How To Clear Toxic People & Relationships From Your Life

It's not always easy to end relationships that aren't working, but here are three things to consider when determining whether or not it's time to say...

Pegah Kadkhodaian
September 19 2014

7 Ways To Know If What You Feel Is Self-Love Or Selfish

I spent more than 20 years at war with myself. I hated who I saw in the mirror. I cycled through eating disorders and was diagnosed with clinical...

Shannon Kaiser
August 5 2014

50 Habits For A Happy Life

Life can feel frustrating. Maddening. Insanity-inducing, even. At times, happiness and contentment may seem achievable only in your wildest dreams.

Hannah Sentenac
July 29 2014

18 Easy Ways To Be Kind

We have two options in life: To be kind, or not to be kind. It’s absolutely empowering to choose kindness, and below are 18 ways to help you practice...

Emily Nolan
May 22 2014

10 Ways You Can Heal The World (Without Changing Your Life)

When people think of “healers,” they tend to think of doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, and energy workers. Many don’t realize that you can be a...

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
May 22 2014

Why "Feeling Your Feelings" Is A Terrible Idea

In the healing world there seems to be a general consensus that feelings are meant to be embraced, fully entered and wholly felt. “The only way out is...

Astrid Schmidt
May 21 2014

14 Must-Ask Questions If You Want To Be A Yoga Teacher

So, you want to be a yoga teacher! You do your teacher training. You learn how to sequence and adjust asanas, and how to lead a good yoga class. But...

Kim Roberts, M.A.
May 13 2014

10 Small Acts Of Kindness You Can Practice Daily

The Dalai Lama famously said, "My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness."

Hali Tsotetsi
March 11 2014

9 Steps To Give & Get More Love

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day in its usual incarnation — the flowers, the chocolates, the unfortunate unreachable expectations — but beyond the...

Ciel Grove
February 7 2014

5 Words You Should(!) Remove From Your Vocabulary

Words carry power, and I've found called myself names I thought I didn't mean, only to find out later that I did mean them. Because behind every word...

Hali Tsotetsi
February 5 2014

8 Steps To Invite Miracles Into Your Life

We all want to feel unending enthusiasm and love for life. We all long for miracles. What if they're easier to invoke than you think? Recently, I...

Rebecca Butler
February 4 2014

5 Ways To Deal (Gracefully) With Any Jerks In Your Life

While most of us try to become more kind and thoughtful as we age, sadly, some people just don't (or can't) do this and they wind up being bullies....

Emily Nolan
February 3 2014

5 Things I Wish I Knew Back When I Was Bullied

Everyone has experienced being picked on, in some manner, by someone in her life. I've only recently made peace with people who have done so to me.

Hali Tsotetsi
January 28 2014