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This At-Home Solution Can Reduce Your Food Waste By 90% In Hours

The average American family wastes nearly one-third of the food they buy! But now there's something we can do about it.

#partner #environmentalism #gardening
Devon Barrow
May 15

Living Within This Many Miles Of A Park Can Boost Mental Health

Does your area follow the 3-30-300 green space rule?

#Healthy Planet, Healthy You #environmentalism #gardening
Emma Loewe
December 13 2022

12 Pretty Plants That Can Stay Alive For 2+ Weeks Without Water

Experts say these will stay lush, even when water is lacking.

#gardening #plants #environmentalism
Emma Loewe
October 14 2022

Love Orchids? Here's What They Mean Spiritually & How To Take Care Of Them

They're a beautiful flower—albeit finicky.

#plants #gardening
Sarah Regan
August 20 2022

This Earthy Green Stone Is Perfect For Tuning Up Your Chakras

Adding this crystal to your collection is sure to support you—and maybe even your garden too.

#crystals #gardening #energy
Sarah Regan
August 16 2022

If You Have A Sunny Garden, This Is The Most Multi-Purpose Plant You Can Grow

It's a sponge, a fruit, and a flower all in one.

#plants #gardening
Emma Loewe
June 17 2022

This Is The Freshest Food On The Planet & It's So Good For Your Gut, Says An MD

"If you're not sprouting, you should be."

#mbgpodcast #plants #gardening #mbgsupplements
Hannah Frye
June 17 2022

These Hacks Will Help All Your Plants Survive When You're On Vacation

While a two-week vacation might sound dreamy to you, it can be a nightmare for your plants.

#plants #gardening
Emma Loewe
June 14 2022

These Cute Mini Greenhouses Make It Easy To Grow *Any* Plant At Home

Say hello to summer weather, year-round.

Heather Bien
May 31 2022

Curious About Beekeeping? Here's What It Actually Takes To Get Started

The basics that everyone should know before building their first hive.

Emma Loewe
May 24 2022

This Backyard Beehive Makes Harvesting Your Own Honey 10X Easier

An inside look at the buzzy invention.

#gardening #organic #plants
Emma Loewe
May 19 2022

14 Bright, Beautiful Flowers To Add To Your Wildlife-Friendly Garden This Year

Don't be a buzzkill.

#environmentalism #gardening #plants
Emma Loewe
April 28 2022

Want To Start A Garden This Year But Worried About Space? Try This

It's a great technique for urbanites, apartment dwellers, and anyone short on garden space.

#gardening #plants #mbgsupplements
Heather Bien
April 26 2022

This Shortcut Technique Makes Veggie Gardening So Much Easier

It takes about 2% of the effort to maintain, expert say.

#gardening #plants #mbgsupplements
Lauren David
April 25 2022

Weeds Don't Stand A Chance Against These 7 DIY Natural Weed Killers

They're all 3 ingredients or less.

#gardening #plants
Joelle Speranza
April 18 2022

5 Quick Upgrades To Make Your Outdoor Space Ready For Entertaining

Just in time for warmer weather.

#gardening #feng shui #plants #Spring Cleaning
Sarah Regan
April 17 2022

8 Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives (That Are Way Prettier Than Grass)

These low-growing plants require less water and maintenance than your typical lawn.

#gardening #environmentalism #plants
Matthew Pottage
April 12 2022

This Plant Can Go Weeks Without Watering: 13 Types To Check Out

Welcome to our succulent starter guide.

#plants #gardening
Emma Loewe
March 23 2022