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Want To Start A Garden This Year But Worried About Space? Try This

It's a great technique for urbanites, apartment dwellers, and anyone short on garden space.

Heather Bien
April 26

8 Eco-Friendly Lawn Alternatives (That Are Way Prettier Than Grass)

These low-growing plants require less water and maintenance than your typical lawn.

Matthew Pottage
April 12

These 8 Sustainable Solar Lights Will Make Your Backyard Twinkle

It's time to shine a light on this sustainable and stylish option.

Heather Bien
March 30

This Hungry, Hungry Houseplant Can Take Care Of Pest Problems For You

As far as houseplants go, it's a challenging but rewarding choice.

Lauren David
February 28

3 Simple Ways To "Rewild" Your Home Garden To Support Biodiversity

Thoughtfully planted gardens can be havens for local wildlife.

Emily Murphy
February 1

This Horticulture Expert's Tips Will Turn Anyone Into A Green Thumb

News flash: Nobody is born with a green thumb!

Emma Loewe
November 29 2021

25 Genius Ways To Store Summer Produce So It Lasts All Year Long

Here's how expert gardeners put every last morsel to delicious use.

Emma Loewe
October 3 2021

The Vivacious Plant Is Like A Coat Of Fresh Paint For Your Garden

Here's what to know to keep it bright and beautiful.

Carly Quellman
September 29 2021