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Diet Culture Is Making A Comeback — Here's How To Tune It Out

"Feeling better about our bodies does not come from changing our bodies; it comes from changing our mindset."

Alexandra Engler
November 22

3 Things Esthetician Joanna Vargas Swears By for Glowing Skin

Joanna Vargas is responsible for some of the glowiest skin complexions you've seen walk the red carpet. Here, her skin care tips.

Alexandra Engler
November 15

How This Beauty Journalist & Podcast Host Front-Loads Her Beauty Routine

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chat with a beauty journalist about how to navigate all the gray areas in beauty media. Plus, her skin care...

Alexandra Engler
November 8

I'm A Celebrity Colorist — Here's How To Get Glossy, Shiny Hair

Today on Clean Beauty School, I had on the man who convinced me to go blond several years ago, celebrity colorist Justin Anderson.

Alexandra Engler
November 1

3 Easy Makeup Tips For Maturing Skin From A Top Pro

"Beauty doesn't need to be as overwhelming as we are conditioned to think it should be," says makeup artist Jenny Patinkin on this episode of Clean...

Alexandra Engler
October 18

I'm A Biotech Scientist & This Is What You Should Know About Skin Care

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, we go into detail about the microbiome, how to support it, and so much more. Tune in here.

Alexandra Engler
September 27

How This Indigenous Woman Is Building A Better Beauty Community

“Our home, this earth, is a gift and we've really not done a great job of caring for it as human beings."

Alexandra Engler
September 6

Why This Derm Swears By Postbiotics — Not Probiotics

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, we talk about a multilevel approach to skin care, the latest on skin microbiome research, and so much more.

Alexandra Engler
August 16

I'm A Facial Rejuvenation Expert & This Habit Is A Major Cause Of Sagging Skin

"Like 80% of all facial issues that I see [in my practice] all step from neck posture and tension."

Alexandra Engler
August 9

What We're Getting Wrong About Preservatives In Beauty, From A Cosmetic Chemist

If you're on SkinTok (or the side of TikTok devoted to all things skin care and beauty), I'm sure you've been fed one of Javon Ford's videos.

Alexandra Engler
August 2

I Wrote The Book About DIY Beauty — My 3 Favorite Ingredients To Use

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chat with Nikita Upadhyay about her book "Roots to Radiance" and how to stop being "influenced."