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Why You Still Don't Know What You Want To Be When You Grow Up

Check out these reasons why you may not have found your career path just yet.

Alison Elissa Cardy
August 13 2015

3 Signs You're Meant To Help People + How To Figure Out Your Gift

Have you ever felt that you’re here on this earth to help others? Do you have a strong desire to make this planet, and the beings who inhabit it, a...

Lloyd Burnett
July 12 2015

What I Tell Anyone Who Wants To Be A Life Coach

As I life-coached more and more people online, I learned many things.

John Kim, LMFT
July 11 2015

My No-Fail, 6-Step Accountability Plan To Make Your Dream A Reality

If you’re like me, and you sincerely want to follow through on your passion projects, but you keep coming up with a lot of "important" excuses, then...

Light Watkins
June 24 2015

Why I Quit My Job After I Tried Ayahuasca In Peru

Editor's note: This is a personal essay about one man's experience and should not be taken as advice.

Michael Sanders
April 29 2015

The Scientific Reason Affirmations Work So Well

Even if you're on the lowest rung of the corporate ladder, intimidated by those peering down at you from above, there's a way to boost your confidence...

Emi Boscamp
April 20 2015

New Moon In Aries: 6 Ways To Maximize The Mojo Of The Ram

Tonight's new moon in Aries is like a cosmic spring awakening, rebooting our systems for another 365-day cycle.

The AstroTwins
April 18 2015

Want To Teach Yoga? Here's How To Build A Standout Resume

Before taking the leap into the apparel industry and starting my own company, I worked at a big name yoga company for eight years. Part of my job was...

Lisa Greenblatt Binderow
April 14 2015

How I Quadrupled My Income By Speaking My Truth

I talk to so many intuitive and spiritual women who are not earning what they are worth or doing what they love. They feel stuck. Why? Often because...

Raquel Vasallo
December 1 2014