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An Esthetician To The Stars Shares 3 Tips She Tells All Her Clients

Natalie Aguilar is a dermatological nurse and founder of N4 Skincare, and her skillful hands have graced the faces of many A-listers. Here, her best...

3 Must-Know Tips Before Using Microcurrent Devices For Healthy Skin

There are certain tools on the market I feel comfortable using in the comfort of my own home. One such example? Microcurrent devices.

Alexandra Engler
February 21

This Ingredient Used To Be On "No" Lists — Why Is It In Clean Products Now?

Just because a beauty ingredient has a confusing-sounding name does not mean that you should be afraid of it. Here's the story behind propylene...

Alexandra Engler
February 20

Can You Take Collagen While You're Pregnant? What The Experts Say

For those expecting, it's only natural to rethink your habits, as they can now affect the pregnancy. Here's what to know about collagen...

Alexandra Engler
February 19

Coming In Hot: 3 Surprising Foods That Are Making Your Lips Dry

Drinks and foods can dry out the skin on the lips, as it's delicate skin. Here, sneaky nutritional causes of cracked, chapped lips.

Alexandra Engler
February 16

I'm An Esthetician, Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Here Are 3 Beauty Tips

With a guest who has as robust of a resume as Tiffany Lee—hairstylist, makeup artist, esthetician—you have a lot of ground to cover.

Alexandra Engler
February 14

This Pomegranate Cocktail Is A Stunning V-Day Delight

No matter how you intend to spend Valentine's Day and no matter whether you consume alcohol, these spritzes can serve as a refreshing delight.

Alexandra Engler
February 12

A Surprising Tea This Herbalist Loves For Healthy Hair Growth

There's no magic tonic that can give you lush strands overnight, but if you're looking for new ways to support hair health—here's one idea.

Alexandra Engler
February 10

What's The Deal With Retinol Body Lotions? A Quick Guide For Inquiring Minds

More and more I'm seeing a very familiar ingredient grace the label of body lotions: Retinol has wiggled its way into the personal care category.

Alexandra Engler
February 8

The 9 Best Unscented Body Lotions For Tattoos, For Proper Aftercare

Getting ready to get inked? Don't forget aftercare. Here, the best balms and lotions on the market for recently tattooed skin.

Alexandra Engler
February 6