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The Top 3 Hair Removal Mistakes This Derm Sees All The Time

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and the sun's rays are ever-so-gingerly finding their way out. For me, I know that means shedding a few...

What Is A Product's Afterlife? Why You Need To Think About Formula Waste

Sustainable beauty is a complicated topic—one in which there's no singular, "perfect" approach. But here's why we need to be better about...

Alexandra Engler
April 26

3 Surprising Rosacea Triggers You Probably Never Suspected From A Derm

Flare-ups can show up at any given moment, seemingly without rhyme or reason.

Alexandra Engler
April 11

Très Chic: 3 Natural French Beauty Staples, From An Expert

The key to French beauty? Enjoy the process, don't think about it too hard, and—most of all—care for the skin you're in. Here, 3 staple products.

What Are Cosmeceuticals In Supplements? The Secret To Achieving Your Skin Goals*

If you're looking to support your beauty goals from the inside out, reach for a cosmeceutical supplement, which can help enhance your hair and skin.*

Alexandra Engler
March 31

These Shimmer Oils Were My Best Kept Secret — Now They're Yours Too

For a few weeks now, these little shimmer numbers have been my secret to glowing, fresh-looking skin. What are they? You'll have to try to believe.

Alexandra Engler
March 23

I Tried A Skin Serum Duo That's Tailored To Your Circadian Rhythm

A good night's rest is the cornerstone of any wellness routine—and skin care routine.

Alexandra Engler
March 22

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need To Keep Your Skin Looking Glowing & Bright

There's a reason that people so often use "glow" and "healthy" in the same breath—the two naturally go together. Here's how to get your brightest skin...

Alexandra Engler
March 21

How A Psychologist Uses Beauty To Support Her Mental Health

There's no doubt that grooming habits, beauty culture, and our sense of self all have an impact on our mental health.

Alexandra Engler
March 21

This Is One Of The Most Critical Parts Of Your Skin Health: Are You Damaging It?

The skin barrier sounds like a simple concept but is actually quite complex when you get into the details. One such detail is the moisture barrier.

Alexandra Engler
March 15