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A Complete Guide To Neck Acne: Causes, Prevention & Treatments

Guess what? You can get a zit anywhere on your body that has a pore. (Fun!)

Alexandra Engler
December 17 2020

9 Shampoos That Are Simply Perfect For Sensitive Skin & Scalps

If you have sensitive skin, you likely know that one trigger for some people is fragrance.

Alexandra Engler
December 15 2020

Hair Care Experts Want You To Know Your Hair's Porosity — Here's A 1-Minute Test

One of the most critical things to know about your hair.

Alexandra Engler
December 13 2020

3 Unlikely Signs Of Premature Aging You Don't Want To Miss

Aging in the skin: You likely know the obvious concerns you can't ignore. But what about the lesser-known ones that can even clue you in on it well...

Alexandra Engler
December 11 2020

Why Astaxanthin Is The Antioxidant To Help You Get Glowing, Young Skin*

One way you can be smarter about supplements and your skin? Find the antioxidants that provide the most benefits specific to skin health.

Alexandra Engler
December 10 2020

You May Be Deactivating Your Serums If You're Making This Mistake

Serums sound so good; in fact, you may be tempted to try more than one. So, quick question, should you?

Alexandra Engler
December 8 2020

I'm A Beauty Editor: This Is The Face Wash I've Loved For 8 Years & Counting

I love washing my face—and for eight years and counting, I keep returning to this all-time favorite.

Alexandra Engler
December 7 2020

10 Oh-So-Easy Ways To Make Your Nails Grow Faster & Stronger

Looking for long, luxe nails you've previously only believed came from faux tips? You've come to the right place.

Alexandra Engler
December 6 2020

Skin Stressed From The Holiday Weekend? Here's How To Soothe It

I don't know about you, but my skin does not take lightly to holidays or special occasions.

Alexandra Engler
December 2 2020