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Dull Skin? You Might Want To Stop Drying Your Face With A Towel

Take your skin from parched to prime.

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Hannah Frye
June 4

Have ADHD? These 9 Supplements Can Help You Focus & Concentrate Better

Reduce ADHD symptoms with these key nutrients & botanicals.

#focus #supplements

Why You Need More Than Just Cranberry To Support Urinary Health

We can show up for our urinary system through simple daily practices… But it's wise to also enlist the support of a supplement.

#partner #supplements
Devon Barrow
May 17

Why It's Never Too Early To "Train" For Giving Birth + How To Do It

If kids are on the table someday, it's prime time to get into these habits.

#fertility #hormones #toxins at home #sleep #supplements

6 Things A Naturopath Recommends To All Of Her Patients With ADHD

From the foods to avoid to the supplements to stock up on.

#brain #gluten #gluten-free #supplements #Fish oil

5 Supplements That Actually Work (Plus, 5 That Really Don't)

The must-haves and marketing scams of the supplement world.

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PAID CONTENT FOR The Vitamin Shoppe

What Does Regenerative Farming Have To Do With My Supplements? An Expert Explains

Find out how your supplement routine can also benefit the planet!

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Devon Barrow
April 7

Can CBD Actually Help With Nerve Pain? Here's What The Science Says

Plus, the difference between oral and topical formulas for nerve health.

#CBD #supplements
Jamey Powell
April 2

Struggling With Inflammation? You Could Benefit From This Cannabinoid

Uncover our favorite USDA certified organic tinctures, creams, & gummies.

#CBD #supplements
Jamey Powell
March 23

Active Lifestyle? Here's A Science-Backed Supplement Routine For High Performers

Behind every Momentous product is scientific research, direct clinical proof, and patented ingredients to help you lead an active lifestyle.

#partner #supplements
Devon Barrow
March 22

This Just In: The Best Time To Take Protein Powder For Muscle Gain

Is pre-workout or post-workout better?

#protein #breakfast #intermittent fasting #supplements
Emma Loewe
March 17

Seriously, No More Groggy Mornings — 3 Key Reasons To Use CBN & CBD For Sleep

Find out why CBD & CBN are key for good sleep!

#CBD #partner #supplements
Devon Barrow
March 10

The 9 Best Probiotics For Women (With Actual Science Behind Them)

Who runs the world? Microbes.

#probiotics #mbgsupplements #supplements #gut health
Emma Loewe
March 7

Here's What Makes This 200-Year-Old Heirloom The Best CBD For Relief

Three reasons why Spruce's CBD Oil is the best for supporting our sleep, promoting a calm and relaxed mood, or providing relief after a long workout!*

#CBD #partner #supplements
Devon Barrow
March 3

Your Eyes Need More Support Than You Think — These 6 Nutrients Can Help

Make sure you're getting enough of these key nutrients.

#mbgsupplements #eye health #supplements
Josey Murray
February 25

10/10 Would Recommend This CBD Product To A Friend, Says Every Participant Of A 2022 Survey

This product combines CBD with a low dose of THC to offer a whole new scope of benefits. Read on to find out more!

#partner #CBD #sleep #supplements
Devon Barrow
January 24