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Wish There Wasn't A Charge For Alt-Milk At Starbucks? PETA's On It

PETA has become a shareholder as part of their effort to get Starbucks to drop its upcharge for soy milk.

Eliza Sullivan
December 20 2019

The Connection Between Diet & Vision Loss You Need To Know About

A new study conducted at the University of Buffalo has found that certain traits of a "poor" diet can increase the risk of age-related macular...

Eliza Sullivan
December 13 2019

Fear Peanuts No More: Scientists Find New Food Allergy Treatment

Researchers found a safe, effective and rapid food allergy treatment.

Abby Moore
November 25 2019

Love Oat Milk? This Yogurt Giant Is About To Join The Alt-Milk Club

The yogurt brand is expanding its plant-based yogurt options and adding oat milk.

Eliza Sullivan
November 20 2019

Packing For A Trip This Long Weekend? 5 Wellness Essentials, Editor-Approved

We asked the experts—aka mindbodygreen editors—what to bring on a long weekend.

Alexandra Engler
May 22 2019

Dear Cauliflower Rice: Banza's New Product Might Have You Beat

Love cauliflower rice but hungry for more? Banza's two new rice swaps may be your answer.

Elizabeth Gerson
February 19 2019

5 Things You Need To Know Today (October 12, 2018)

Why Every City Needs A Sky Garden, How Anti-Inflammatory Diets Reduce Anxiety & Why It Makes Sense You Remember Faces

Caroline Muggia
October 12 2018