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How Lo Bosworth Eats To Beat Anxiety & Her Go-To Nightly Ritual

Stephanie Eckelkamp
Contributing Health & Nutrition Editor By Stephanie Eckelkamp
Contributing Health & Nutrition Editor
Stephanie Eckelkamp is a writer and editor who has been working for leading health publications for the past 10 years. She received her B.S. in journalism from Syracuse University with a minor in nutrition.
Lo Bosworth on sleep and anxiety
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Lo Bosworth was once best known for her roles on MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills. But since then, she's been pretty damn busy. She attended the French Culinary Institute, where she deepened her passion for food and nutrition. She's been blogging regularly on TheLoDown on everything from her nighttime beauty routine to her thoughts on the celery juice trend. And now, she's a badass lady boss who's taken the wellness world by storm.

Inspired by her own personal health issues, including anxiety, Bosworth started Love Wellness, a company that sells supplements and personal care products to address nearly every female health woe you could imagine, from PMS-related mood swings to cramps to bloating to yeast infections.

This week, I was lucky enough to snag a few minutes with Bosworth to pick her brain about anxiety-busting strategies, her favorite superfoods, and her go-to nightly self-care ritual. Here are the highlights from our chat.

How Lo Bosworth eats to combat anxiety.

Bosworth discusses her experience with anxiety on the mbg podcast. But, as someone who also has anxious tendencies, I wanted more details on what she eats and avoids to keep her racing thoughts in check. "When I started to not feel well a couple of years ago, one of the first things I did was focus on nutrient-dense whole foods," she says. "When you cut out fast food and processed food, your body definitely thanks you. It affects every part of you, from how you're digesting your food to inflammation in your body to your mental health. Making that switch absolutely helped me."

But she also discovered something pretty surprising about her health just last week, which has prompted her to ditch other foods from her diet completely. "I recently had a genetic test come back saying I had a really high probability for celiac disease," she says. "So I did an elimination diet over the past month. After my gluten exposure day, I didn't have any stomach upset, but I had really terrible brain fog for two days. I had vertigo, I had awful bloating, I was exhausted—and my doctor said gluten could be an underlying reason for my depression and anxiety. So I feel like I've made a potentially profound discovery. I was always one of those people who thought that unless you have celiac, gluten is totally fine."


Lo's go-to mental hack for calming racing thoughts.

Instead of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is often considered the go-to treatment strategy for anxiety disorders, Bosworth tells me she's a fan of something called acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

"With CBT, it's about replacing your anxious thoughts with a different thought, but through my experience, I find that you're really just suppressing whatever it is that you feel uncomfortable about," she says. "I'm more of a subscriber to ACT therapy, which is acceptance therapy. So when you're feeling uncomfortable, you really have to go back to the place of 'this is who I am' and 'this is normal.' It's been really helpful for me, more than anything else, because I'm not trying to force these uncomfortable thoughts and feelings out of my body. I'm just accepting them and living with them, and when you do that it becomes a lot easier." (Want to know more? Bosworth recommends this ACT Therapy Workbook.)

The superfood Lo is currently obsessing over.

As a classically trained French chef, wellness guru, and partner with McCormick's Flavor Forecast, Bosworth is always on top of the latest food trends, so I asked her to tell me about a food she's been really into lately. Her surprising answer? "Basil seeds, which are so cool," she says. "I didn't know what a basil seed was until recently, but they're like the new chia seed to be honest, because they get gelatinous when exposed to liquid. You can use them to make salad dressing without the oil because the basil seeds keep everything emulsified. Plus, they give it a nice crunch and interesting texture."

To try it out, Bosworth suggests combining a fresh tropical juice or juice pulp (like mango or passionfruit) with a little bit of water, vinegar, turmeric, ground ginger, basil seeds, and black pepper. "It creates this amazing exotic dressing," she says. "I would even use it as a marinade because of the turmeric and ginger undertones."

The nightly ritual she can't live without.

"I'm absolutely part of the serious bathers club; I take a bath like every night," she says. To ramp up the benefits of her soak session, Bosworth adds a hefty dose of Epsom salts to soothe and relax her muscles and help pull toxins from the body. To ensure she gets quality sleep, which she's struggled with in the past, she keeps her cellphone as far from her as possible for an hour before bed and loves sipping on a DIY sleepy-time tea made with fresh mint leaves and a bit of lemon. "I definitely focus on self-care and giving myself the time and space to wind down at the end of the day," she says. And we are all about that!

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