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Wish There Wasn't A Charge For Alt-Milk At Starbucks? PETA's On It

PETA has become a shareholder as part of their effort to get Starbucks to drop its upcharge for soy milk.

Eliza Sullivan
December 20 2019

The Connection Between Diet & Vision Loss You Need To Know About

A new study conducted at the University of Buffalo has found that certain traits of a "poor" diet can increase the risk of age-related macular...

Eliza Sullivan
December 13 2019

Fear Peanuts No More: Scientists Find New Food Allergy Treatment

Researchers found a safe, effective and rapid food allergy treatment.

Abby Moore
November 25 2019

Packing For A Trip This Long Weekend? 5 Wellness Essentials, Editor-Approved

We asked the experts—aka mindbodygreen editors—what to bring on a long weekend.

Alexandra Engler
May 22 2019

Dear Cauliflower Rice: Banza's New Product Might Have You Beat

Love cauliflower rice but hungry for more? Banza's two new rice swaps may be your answer.

Elizabeth Gerson
February 19 2019

5 Things You Need To Know Today (October 12, 2018)

Why Every City Needs A Sky Garden, How Anti-Inflammatory Diets Reduce Anxiety & Why It Makes Sense You Remember Faces

Caroline Muggia
October 12 2018

A New Tool May Be Able To Tell Us Exactly What's In Our Food

New AI software tells us what ingredients are in our food and offers recipes

Caroline Muggia
October 11 2018