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The All-Natural Toolbox Everyone Suffering From Lyme Disease Needs To Know About

Visualizations and delicious juices are involved.

October 7 2016

The 2 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Lyme Disease

Lets stop the misinformation right now.

October 5 2016

Ally Hilfiger Opens Up About How She Got Lyme Disease

How a small tick bite led to a lifetime of joint pain, exhaustion, anxiety, and more.

September 30 2016

How To Prevent, Treat & Heal Chronic Lyme

Ally Hilfiger, Lyme disease educator and survivor, Holly Ahern, a microbiologist and mother to a Lyme Disease survivor, and Heather Hearst, founder of...

September 20 2016

Biting Back: How I Stopped Seeing Myself As A Victim Of Lyme Disease + Became A Warrior

Ally Hilfiger's natural health Lyme Disease regimen set her on a path to wellness, and she has become a warrior in the fight to bring Lyme global...

September 17 2016

My Husband Battled Early-Onset Alzheimer's For 10 Years. Here's What It Was Really Like To Be His Caregiver

"Throughout his illness, my husband suffered hallucinations where thought half of his body was someone else's. He would get frustrated and start...

Diana Dijak
June 28 2016

The Tampon Of The Future Will Be Able To Detect Disease In Your Blood

They could test for biomarkers that help diagnose medical conditions like endometriosis, cervical cancer, and fertility.

Emi Boscamp
June 24 2016

Trying To Get Pregnant? Everything You Need To Know About The Zika Virus

As a fertility doctor, I have many patients concerned about how the Zika virus will affect their plans for pregnancy. Here’s what I tell them about...

What It's Really Like To Date With A Chronic Illness

I’ve learned that loving myself completely is a prerequisite to loving anyone else.

Carley Smith, CNP
June 18 2016

The 4 New Things You Must Know About Lyme Disease

The road to recovery may be completely outside the scope of mainstream medicine.

Leslie Price
June 2 2016

What I’m Telling All My Patients About The Zika Virus + How To Protect Yourself This Summer

I'm going to be honest: As an ER doctor and mom considering having another child in the future, Zika worries me. Here's what I'm telling my patients.

I'm A Cancer Survivor. Here's How I Brought An Integrative Approach To My Conventional Treatment

Today, I’m an 18-year brain tumor survivor. My journey has been amazingly transformative as a brain tumor patient, woman, and human being. As I...

Jeannine Walston
May 17 2016

The Way Yoga Helped Me Cope With My Autoimmune Disease

How one yogi let vulnerability prevail during a health catastrophe.

Stephanie MoDavis
May 14 2016

What It's Really Like To Live With Lyme Disease: Ally Hilfiger Opens Up

Ally Hilfiger, the producer, actress, and daughter of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, battled chronic health issues and misdiagnoses since she was a...

Ally Hilfiger
May 13 2016

How Your Lifestyle Habits Really Affect Your Cancer Risk: An Oncologist Explains

Cancer isn't necessarily fate. Every day we make choices that modify the development of cancer. Here's what you should know.

Dr. Theodora Ross
April 20 2016