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Lauren David

Pulling This Sneaky Tarot Card Is A Sign Your Partner May Be Lying Or Cheating

Time to step back and analyze your situation from a different perspective.

Lauren David
December 21 2022

Keep Seeing This Bird? It's A Powerful Symbol Of Love & Connection

There's a reason they make an appearance at weddings.

Lauren David
December 16 2022

This Shortcut Technique Makes Veggie Gardening So Much Easier

It takes about 2% of the effort to maintain, expert say.

Lauren David
April 25 2022

This Plant Is A Lucky Charm — & It Will Totally Thrive In Your Home

A low-maintenance plant thought to attract wealth in feng shui? We'll take seven.

Lauren David
March 24 2022

This Hungry, Hungry Houseplant Can Take Care Of Pest Problems For You

As far as houseplants go, it's a challenging but rewarding choice.

Lauren David
February 28 2022

Vermicompost Almost Guarantees A Thriving Garden: Here's How To Get It

Want to give your food scraps new life? Worms can help with that.

Lauren David
July 4 2021