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How To Practice Erotic Hypnosis — The Orgasmic Experience For The Mind

Erotic hypnosis is an orgasmic experience for the mind.

Alex Shea
November 21

What Your Sexual Fantasy May Be, Based On Your Enneagram Type

Here's what each type may secretly want in bed.

Julie Nguyen
November 14

How Growing Up With Unavailable Parents May Affect Your Sex Life Today

If your parents didn't respond to your emotional needs growing up, read this.

Kelly Gonsalves
October 13

What Women Over 40 With Amazing Sex Lives Have In Common

A gynecologist asked 1,000 women over 40 about their sex lives.

How Long Does Sex Last For Most People? (It's Shorter Than You Think)

Here's the exact number of minutes people spend having sex.

Kelly Gonsalves
October 1

13 Reasons A Married Woman May Not Be Interested In Sex With Her Spouse

Yes, it might be because you're not getting her off in bed.

Kelly Gonsalves
September 29