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Want A Spicier Date Night? Here's What This Sex Therapist Recommends

A special mirror, a steamy deck of cards, and other finds from a sex therapist's shopping list.

Rachel Wright, LMFT
September 10

Support Your Libido & Get In The Mood With These Delicious New Gummies*

Sexual wellness is an inextricable part of feeling like our best selves and living our best lives.

Devon Barrow
July 20

Sex Experts Share Their Best Tips For Taking A Great Nude With Confidence

"Nobody has to see the nude for the picture taking to have benefit. Taking a photo can be a powerful way to celebrate your body."

Do Pheromones Really Exist In Humans? Scientists Still Can't Seem To Agree

The idea of pheromones is a pop cultural darling, but the science behind them is still inconclusive.

Julie Nguyen
April 20

I'm A Sex Coach & These Are The 4 Things I Always Teach Men About Consent

"When one person is desiring it and the other's simply agreeing to it, there's an imbalance."

Suzannah Weiss
April 12