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The At-Home Test A Nurse Recommends For Optimizing Your Gut Health (+ What To Expect)

Gut health impacts everything from digestion to mental health. This test can help spot lifestyle factors that are helping and harming your individual...

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Your Guide To The Perfect Holiday Cheese Board & Why It Needs Plant Milk Cheese

Suddenly the idea of an all-vegan cheese board sounds perfect for your next party.

Devon Barrow
December 16 2022

Wellness Trends 2023: The Top 3 Health & Nutrition Trends To Watch Next Year

From an increased emphasis on protein to a rise in ADHD and ASD diagnoses in women and girls.

mbg editorial
November 29 2022

3 Skin Care Habits Supermodel Miranda Kerr Does Every Day

Miranda Kerr is a bonafide wellness and beauty expert, just listen to this week’s Clean Beauty School and hear for yourself.

Alexandra Engler
September 13 2022