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Why Labels Are Physically & Emotionally Harmful, According To Science

Labeling someone else may seem like an innocent enough thing to do, but renowned UCLA-trained addiction expert Dr. Adi Jaffe knows that it's actually...

September 24 2016

We’re Talking To Men About Health All Wrong. Here’s How We Need To Change

After years of talking to men across the world about issues like prostate cancer and suicide, Movember Foundation co-founder JC Coghlan and his wife...

September 20 2016

4 Tantric Practices To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship

We're especially excited about the idea of "conscious sensuality."

Shelly Bullard, MFT
July 2 2016

How To Deal When You're Arguing With Someone Totally Irrational

We've all argued with people who just can't seem to see reason. Here's the best way to handle it.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
June 28 2016

4 Daily Connection-Building Rituals That'll Transform Your Relationship

Starting, ending, and punctuating your day with moments dedicated to connection can make a huge difference in the happiness and stability of your...

Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT
June 26 2016

How To Truly Connect With The People You Love

I began to understand that my inability to accept my mom as she was held me back from actually connecting with her, which I deeply wanted. I knew I...

Kavita Patel
May 28 2016

Why Your Partner Isn't Listening To You + How To Fix It

Yes, you can fix the communication issues in your relationship. Here's how to start.

Valerie Kolick, M.A.
May 26 2016

You Can Only Have This Many Friends At A Time, Science Says

Taylor Swift may ​think ​she's best friends with Selena Gomez, Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and all 75.8 million of her Instagram...

Emi Boscamp
May 2 2016

A Foolproof Way To Improve Arguments With Your Partner

Fights with your significant other don't have to suck.

Julie Piatt
April 28 2016

How To React From A Place Of Love When Someone Pisses You Off

Put this eight-step plan into action the next time your significant other says something demeaning, your mother criticizes you, or your boss gets...

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
April 15 2016

How To Nurture Your Relationship When Life Gets In The Way

External factors play a huge part in how we treat our significant others, unless we consciously curb that tendency. So, focus on what you can...

Tyler Leslie
April 6 2016

3 Simple Communication Tips If You're A Highly Sensitive Person

People have the tendency to make themselves "wrong" for being emotional, but any feeling or emotion you have is valid.

Josh Barad
March 14 2016

A 3-Step Technique To Bust Through Other People's Negativity

Step 1: Acknowledge and accept. People have different perspectives and not everyone is going to agree with you. That's perfectly fine.

Maria Stenvinkel
February 19 2016

6 Signs It's Time To Have A Serious Conversation About Your Relationship

The following six relationship red flags should be taken seriously and addressed quickly. You may find that when you put in the work to fix them...

Sarah Rusca Cline
February 1 2016

How To Be Emotionally Intelligent About Finding True Love

In dating, although we’re taught the abstract concept that love conquers all, we’re also encouraged to find a partner who has assets — physical,...

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
January 28 2016

How I Talk To My 10 Year-Old Son About Sex (And Why That's Important)

One day, my 10-year-old son asked me if he could buy a vibrator. “My sister has one — and I want to know what’s available for a boy,” he declared with...

Gracie X
January 27 2016

Why I Recommend Making Sunday A Day Of Silence

Some people say that music is the silence between the notes. That's a far-reaching statement, and it's one we can use to hack into a deep and powerful...

Pedram Shojai
January 10 2016