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The Turmeric Supplement Ayurveda & Longevity Experts Are Raving About

Experts agree: This daily turmeric supplement delivers impressive whole-body benefits.*

3 Simple Ways To Balance Your Body & Mind Right Now, According To Ayurveda

We are nearing the end of vata season and coming in hot with kapha season.

An Integrative MD Says There Are 5 Weight Loss Types — Which One Are You?

Sustainable weight loss only happens when it's tailored to your individual needs.

Taz Bhatia, M.D.
January 7

Ayurveda For Mental Health: How To Use It For Calm & Clarity

Here's what ancient Ayurvedic texts tell us about the mind.

Angelica Neri, ERYT-500
September 13 2021

What To Eat For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Based On Your Dosha

Depending on your dosha, you'll want to eat (and avoid) certain things.

Sarah Regan
July 28 2021