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Every Tip Imaginable: How To Actually Hydrate Your Skin

At the risk of making an obvious claim: Everyone must moisturize their skin—not just if you have naturally dry and sensitive skin.

Alexandra Engler
January 10

How This Hairstylist Revives Flat Hair In Just One Simple Step

Hair professionals always say that styling starts in the shower.

Alexandra Engler
January 9

How Collagen Supports Gut Health + 3 Satisfying Recipes To Reap The Benefits

Here, some of our favorite and oh-so-satisfying snacks to support your gut-health resolutions. Trust us—you'll be craving these recipes all year.

Alexandra Engler
January 6

How This Beauty & Wellness Expert Achieves Her Goals

I'm in near disbelief as I write this, but we've entered a new year.

Alexandra Engler
January 3

The All-Time Best Shampoos For Anyone With Color-Treated Hair

As someone who has been coloring her hair for—oh, let's just say a while!—I know how vital upkeep is.

Alexandra Engler
December 29 2021

The Very Best Vegan Body Lotions For All Skin Types, In Case You're Looking

As more and more people switch to a vegan lifestyle, the beauty industry has taken note of their own plant-based standards.

Alexandra Engler
December 24 2021

Don't Overlook These 3 Things When Caring For Dry Skin, Derms Say

Come winter, keeping my skin hydrated can feel like a full-time job.

Alexandra Engler
December 16 2021