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How To Mindfully Indulge In Comfort Foods & What Foods You Should Eat

Julie Smolyansky believes that good-tasting food can make you feel, well, good.

Jason Wachob
2 days ago

Looking For An Easy & Light Smoothie Bowl? Try This Refreshing Recipe

This collagen powder smoothie bowl is about as refreshing as a beachside vacation.

The 5 Essential Vitamins You're Likely Missing, According To An MD

While it's always tough to maintain a "perfect" diet, it's especially been a struggle the past few weeks.

New To Bread Baking? Start With This Everyday Sourdough Recipe

If you're new to sourdough, this is the perfect recipe to start with.

Emilie Raffa
April 18

This Nightly Trick May Help Relieve Foot Odor + 4 Other Benefits

Here's what you can expect from an apple cider vinegar foot soak, and how to "brew" one at home.

Alexandra Engler
April 15

"Complex Carbs" Is Misleading — Here's What This MD Wants You To Know

Rather than "refined" or "complex," perhaps the binary should be "fast" and "slow."

Lemony, Peppery & Fresh: Give These 4 Spices A Whirl This Spring

There are lots of ways to bring the essence of spring into our cooking.

Sarah Regan
March 19