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6 Feasible Steps To Reverse Diabetes Naturally (Or At Least Manage It)

Take charge of your pre-diabetes or diabetes diagnosis with these lifestyle changes

Kayleigh Roberts
January 17 2019

Eating More Of This Could Reduce Your Risk Of Disease By Up To 30 Percent

Just how much fiber and how what foods should you eat, you ask? We've got answers.

Caroline Muggia
January 11 2019
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Add These Ingredients To Your Smoothie For Glowing Skin: A Health Coach Explains

To get that glowy, even-toned, clear-skin look, what you consume is as essential as your skin care regimen. Here are our top smoothie add-ins to get...

Lindsay Kellner
September 26 2017

Is Kombucha Actually Healthy? Functional Doctors Weigh In

The wellness world is obsessed—but is it doing more harm than good?

Liz Moody
September 18 2017

What's The Healthiest Tea? A Functional Medicine Expert Weighs In

The world of tea offers something for everyone, depending on your taste, mood, and health goals.

Bored With Salad? 5 Genius Ways To Eat More Greens

Increasing your veggie intake is a lot easier if you think outside the box.

Leah Silberman, M.S., R.D.
September 2 2017