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A Surprising Nutrient That Helps Kids Sleep

Sleeplessness among children is common, occurring in as many as 40% of kids. Sleep deprivation can crescendo into a variety of other problems,...

David Perlmutter, M.D.
March 26 2014

Why Eating Fish Is Even More Dangerous Than You Thought

Bad news for seafood lovers: fish isn't quite as healthy as we've been led to believe. If you eat fish regularly, chances are you're getting too much...

Environmental Working Group
January 21 2014

9 Things Everyone Should Know About Farmed Fish

If you eat seafood, unless you catch it yourself or ask the right questions, the odds are pretty good it comes from a fish farm. The aquaculture...

David Robinson Simon
November 7 2013

If You're Going To Eat Fish, Here's How To Eat The Healthiest Fish Possible

Incorporating fish into your diet is a great way to boost health, protect your brain and heart, and even stave off certain kinds of cancers. To say...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
June 8 2013