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PAID CONTENT FOR Essentialism by Greg McKeown

This Book Will Inspire You To Approach Life In A Whole New Way (Seriously)

If you're keen to simplify your overworked, overstimulated lifestyle, this book belongs at the top of your reading list.

September 8 2016

The 9 Soulful Books Inspiring Me To Live My Best Life

Stretch our those page-turning fingers and peek at these new books.

Emma Mildon
September 2 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Chris Pavone, Author of The Expats

Get To Know The Novelist Behind Some Of Your Favorite Beach Reads

"The greatest compliment any readers have paid me is that some thought that the author of 'The Expats' was actually a woman."

August 18 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Chris Pavone, Author of The Expats

The Summer Thriller That Will Make You Fall In Love With Reading Again

How often do you come across a page-turning spy caper that hinges on a badass wife, mother, and former intelligence agent?

August 2 2016

How One Woman Lost 135 Pounds + The Recipes That Helped Her Get There

"I can, I want to, I choose to eat a full slice of this cake and love deeply all the many bites I take. I linger on the cocoa flavor, the suede...

July 6 2016

10 Spiritual Reads That Are Basically Portable Life Coaches

Get ready for hundreds of pages packed with spiritual goodness.

Emma Mildon
June 29 2016

22 Life-Changing Wellness Books To Read This Summer

Check out our editors' picks for books to inspire your most satisfying summer yet.

Allison Daniels
June 24 2016

The Ultimate Summer Reading List For Food Lovers

Add a little sweetness to your summer with these 16 must-reads.

Food Tank
June 14 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Susan Cain, the author of Quiet

Susan Cain's "Quiet": The Book That Will Teach You How To Be A Better Introvert

Quiet is an incisive exploration of personality, history, and culture that will change the way you think about yourself, your relationships, and the...

June 2 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Crown Publishing Group

The 5 Books You Have To Read This Summer

With our list of summer reading essentials, you can spend more time perfecting your island itinerary and less time deciding which books to bring on...

May 26 2016

8 New Wellness Reads That Deserve A Spot On Your Shelf

Grab some tea, find a quiet place, and get lost in these reads.

Emma Mildon
May 3 2016

6 Fun, Sassy Reads That'll Make This Monday Feel Like A Friday

Ready to turn your omg-it’s-Monday-bring-on-Friyay frown upside down?

Emma Mildon
April 25 2016

18 Food-Centric Books To Add To Your Reading List

They'll change the way you look at your dinner.

Food Tank
April 10 2016

22 Life-Changing Lessons From "The Motivation Manifesto"

Have you ever read a book and wished you'd written it yourself? For me, that book is Brendon Burchard's "The Motivation Manifesto" — a compelling...

Laura Di Franco, MPT
March 3 2016

10 Books Guaranteed To Make You Feel Beautiful From The Inside Out

Get ready to finish the last page feeling amazing about your body, mind, and soul.

Emma Mildon
February 28 2016

10 Books About Love You Need This Valentine's Day

With titles from Aziz Ansari's "Modern Romance" to Marina Keegan's "The Opposite of Loneliness," this book list is all you need to snuggle up with...

Emma Mildon
February 9 2016

8 Books That Totally Changed My Life

I wasn’t expecting a burst of life changing wisdom. But as I pulled back the cover, there it was — a life lesson hidden in the pages.

Eric Zimmer
February 6 2016