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Lower Your Risk Of Rheumatoid Arthritis With These 5 Basic Habits

Recent research identifies healthy lifestyle factors that help prevent the disease.

#alcohol #plants #pain
Jenny Fant
May 16

3 Ways To Support Your Body's Detoxification Post Cocktail-Hour

There's a reason "Dry January" takes place in the middle of winter.

#alcohol #drinks #Healthy Eating
Hannah Frye
May 10

The Real Reasons Drinking Alcohol Makes Your Skin Look Dull

Plus, how to practice healthier drinking.

#alcohol #skin care #stress #sleep #acne
Hannah Frye
February 25

Doing Dry January? Enhance The Health Benefits With This Healing Herb

This ancient herb does wonders for your liver!

#mbgsupplements #Herbs #alcohol
Morgan Chamberlain
January 1

Why Alcohol Sabotages Your Gut Health & How To Get Back On Track

While the initial hangover may subside, these gut issues stick around.

#alcohol #gut health #probiotics #fiber

Is Your Skin, Uh, Hungover? Here's How To Bounce Back The Day After Drinking

You'll want to save this page for future reference.

#skin care #alcohol #dehydration
Hannah Frye
December 22 2022

If You're Going To Drink, These Are The 8 Alcohols That Dietitians Recommend

Looking for a low-sugar option? Vodka and gin are best.

#alcohol #Blood Sugar #sugar #Antioxidant #inflammation
Jessica Timmons
October 28 2022

Busy Summer Schedule Drained Your Battery? Recharge With This Weekend Itinerary

As the last leg of summer makes its sweltering approach, you may be feeling like your battery is running as red as the thermometer.

#partner #alcohol
Devon Barrow
August 15 2022

This One Lifestyle Tweak Is Like A Vacation For Your Blood Sugar & Energy Levels

A clinical nutritionist has the scoop.

#alcohol #functional nutrition
Brooke Scheller, DCN, CNS
August 12 2022

16 Swaps For A Lighter Wellness Routine (That Still Involves Sweet Treats!)

If your routine is weighing you down, it's time to lighten things up!

#partner #alcohol
Devon Barrow
August 9 2022

5 Hacks For Keeping It Cool & Light During The Hottest Days Of Summer

Enter: quick and cooling alternatives that still help us embrace summer and our best selves.

#partner #alcohol
Devon Barrow
August 8 2022

Looking For More Summer Bliss? Lighten Up With These 6 Outdoor Ideas

We've compiled the one-and-only checklist you need to keep the season ablaze.

#partner #alcohol
Devon Barrow
August 1 2022

Can You Drink Alcohol While Taking Melatonin? Experts Weigh In

Here's why you should never mix them.

#sleep #mbgsupplements #alcohol
Emma Loewe
July 2 2022

75% Of Singles Want To Avoid This Common First-Date Activity, Hinge Finds

Heads up, if you're planning to go on some dates this summer!

#dating #news #alcohol
Sarah Regan
June 23 2022
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We've Planned Out The Perfect Girls' Night In. Here's What It Looks Like

Besties and Botanicals Girls' Night In.

#partner #alcohol
Devon Barrow
March 28 2022

A Hall Of Fame Quarterback Shares His Longevity-Supporting Routine

At age 55, he feels healthier than ever.

#healthy aging #Healthy Eating #alcohol
Kristine Thomason
February 13 2022

5 Better-For-You Cocktails To Make For A Classy Or Cozy Night In

For whatever kind of love you're celebrating!

#alcohol #mbgsupplements
Olivia Giacomo
February 10 2022
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5 Tips For Planning A Book Club Night That's More Fun Than Going Out

Your friends are coming to have fun, not a full-on literary discourse! And with these five tips, they'll get exactly that!

#partner #friendship #alcohol
Devon Barrow
January 27 2022