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11 Things Cameron Diaz Taught Me About Aging, Beauty & Total Wellness

On the eve of turning 40, Cameron realized just how scared (and ill-prepared) society is of the aging process. So she wrote her second book to explore...

Colleen Wachob
April 5 2016

10 Food Rules For Glowing Skin At Any Age

For younger, brighter skin, follow theses 10 food rules.

Anti-Aging Tips From 89-Year-Old Wellness Luminary Louise Hay

Anti-aging secrets from Louise Hay, 89-year-old wellness luminary.

Heather Dane
March 8 2016

How To Eat For Your Best Skin Ever

It's gonna take more than just kale.

Amelia Freer
February 16 2016

The Serum That Will Change Your Skin Forever

Your skin will drink this stuff up.

Allie White
February 8 2016

7 Plant Oils You Should Add To Your Beauty Routine ASAP

Why you should be using plant oils in your skin care routine, and how to get started.

Corinne Morley
January 30 2016

9 Gorgeous Women (Ages 61 To 94) Who Prove Beauty Is Ageless

To celebrate the pro-aging movement, we took a look at nine stunning women whose roles in recent campaigns prove that beauty is truly timeless.

Anna Williams
January 30 2016

14 Celebrities On Their Favorite Green Beauty Routines

While sitting in a makeup chair getting layers and layers of cosmetics heaped on their faces is part of the job for celebrities like Gisele, Gwyneth...

Allie White
January 29 2016

4 Major Factors That Age Your Skin + How To Avoid Them

Why does aging change your skin, and why, oh why, can’t it just stay the same as it was when you were young, before you ever had a pimple, before you...

Anthony Youn, M.D., FACS
January 25 2016

A 94-Year-Old Fashion Icon Is The New Face Of A Wearable Fitness Tracker

Let's be real: wearable fitness trackers aren't the most beautiful of accessories. It doesn't belong alongside your grandmother's pearls in your...

Emi Boscamp
January 14 2016

20 Skin Care Tips Everyone Should Master

It's time to take responsibility for your face!

Allie White
January 4 2016

12 DIY Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Routine

Seriously, is there anything this stuff can't do?

Allie White
December 27 2015