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How To Harness Your Feminine Energy To Become A Powerful Leader

Power up! Unleashing your feminine side is the key to success.

Robin Lee
February 22 2017

What Nutrition Can Teach You About Money, A Financial Adviser Explains

The principles of healthful eating apply to finances, too!

Christopher Girbes-Pierce
February 14 2017

This Man Is Redefining Success, Meaning & Purpose For Millennials

"Invent your own path, whether that's starting a business or working for the UN. Wherever you are, be creative and innovate."

Will Jelbert
February 6 2017

Become A Money Master & Declutter Emotions From Spending In 5 Easy Steps

Take it from someone who has been there and come out the other side.

Leanne Jacobs, MBA
February 6 2017

Supercharge Your Journaling Practice With These Simple Tricks

"Journaling, if nothing else, is about mastering your decisions. Expressing gratitude for your good decisions is how you'll reach mastery."

Daniel Dowling
February 3 2017

4 Ways To Stand Up & Speak Your Truth (And Why It's So Important)

"I wish more people—especially women—got up and opened their mouths. Shared their stories, their brilliance, their insights. And that more of us don't...

Terri Trespicio
February 2 2017

Tonight's Aquarius New Moon Has MAJOR Manifesting Potential: Here's How To Harness It

"You don't need candles or a crystal ball to make a wish this week. Aquarius is the star sign of hopes and dreams—equipping us all with visionary...

The AstroTwins
January 27 2017

How To Invite Financial Abundance Into Your Life

Wanna make lots of money doing what you love? Thought so.

Leanne Jacobs, MBA
January 23 2017

Manifestation Practice Not Getting Results? This Is The Secret To Creating The Life You Want

This process can make the difference between actually creating the life you want and staying stuck.

Katie Campbell
January 22 2017

The "Cozy Kit" That Will Make Your Next Night In Magical

Consider it your fast track to cozy, comforting vibes (no matter how bad your day was).

Meik Wiking
January 18 2017

How To Step Into Your Feminine Power As The Queen You Really Are

Now more than ever, we need the women of this world to rise up as queens.

Yancy Lael
January 14 2017

3 Commitments To Happiness That Kept Me Going When Nothing Else Could

To help you get started on this journey of self-compassion, here are three steps I’ve used to cultivate it within myself.

Nitika Chopra
January 9 2017

8 Signs You're Over Your Ex + Ready For A New Relationship

Here's how to know you're on the road to recovery, and soon you'll be ready to step into the life (and relationship) you deserve.

Annice Star
January 5 2017

11 New Year's Day Rituals To Help You Manifest Your Dreams

These powerful rituals will help you manifest having the abundance, love, and well-being you crave.

Katie Campbell
January 1 2017