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Eco-Anxiety? Here Are 7 Good Things That Happened To The Planet This Week

Prada's sustainability-contingent loan, the 2019 (green) word of the year, and more.

Emma Loewe
8 hours ago

This Is When A Relationship Without Labels Doesn 't Work

Saying you "don't do labels" does not absolve you from having a conversation about commitment.

Kelly Gonsalves
15 hours ago

Got A Savory Brunch Craving? These Simple Tomato & Thyme Eggs Will Help

If you cringe at the thought of pancakes for breakfast, we've got the perfect recipe for you.

Jamie Schneider
16 hours ago

Researchers (Accidentally) Discover The Keto Diet Can Help Fight The Flu

A study at Yale University found that the keto diet can boost the body's immune response to the flu.

Eliza Sullivan
2 days ago