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You May Be Vitamin D Deficient, Here's Why It Matters

Steven Gundry, M.D., heart surgeon and best-selling author on how to live to 100.

Jason Wachob
9 hours ago

We All Need To Take Smarter Rest Days — Here's How

Anyone else notice that recovery and rest days are cropping up more and more in the fitness convo right now?

11 hours ago

The Absolute Best Foods For Getting That Youthful Glow

The best foods for a youthful glow, including anti-inflammatory foods and those that prevent AGEs.

Keira Barr, M.D.
a day ago
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Here's How This Wellness Mama Changed Her Skin Care Routine With A New Baby On The Way

This one thing can act as a filter during pregnancy, guarding babies against certain infections and diseases.

Capen Evans
a day ago