4 Ways to Change Your Life with Conscious Language

Written by mindbodygreen

For a long time now I have been aware of the power of the words we use. If we say something out loud that is negative and you repeat it enough, you can come to believe it (or already do so).

You also send a clear message that what you are saying is your belief and what you want to see showing up in your life…why else would you say it?

Conscious language helps you identify your limiting beliefs and turn them around to serve your highest choices. Not only that, but every sound you utter is energy that plays a role in creating your world, also made up of energy. It might sound a little out there for you but if you stop and think about the words you find yourself saying a lot of the time, perhaps without conscious thought, do those things show up often in your world? It’s quite likely.

It makes sense then that choosing language that is supportive of you and others, that is positive, that affirms and states what you choose to experience, be, do, create, and that doesn’t limit or “short change” you in anyway, would be a smart approach.

When you choose to use disempowering language like “I should” or “I can’t” (see point 2 below), you are giving your personal power away and living and creating from a state of fear and self sabotage. Instead, you can choose to create the experience that best serves you with your words and step more fully into the life you choose for yourself.

In the last year I have become even more conscious of my language, really stepping up my game with what I create and how I affirm myself and others with my language, and in the last few months I’ve taken it up another few notches again. The great thing is, it just keeps getting more and more fun.

Today I have some simple changes you can make to your language so it is more conscious, supportive of your positive beliefs, (limitless) potential, intentions and desires. It becomes very fun noticing how much you can shift and create just with your language. Enjoy .

1. Be conscious of what you say after “I am”. This is one of the most powerful expressions we can use as what you say after “I am” creates who you are as an individual. It shapes your personality, ego, confidence and your subconscious. Choose to say only positive expressions of who you are and let go of any negative, limiting talk that isn’t in line with who you choose to be. Even if you don’t feel you fully believe it, you can still affirm who you choose to be as you step more fully into this higher expression of yourself.

2. Use “I choose”, “I can” and “I desire” rather than “I must”, “I want”, “I need”, “I should”, I shouldn’t”. You are always the pilot of your life so expressing what you choose to create and can do is far more empowering than suggesting you need, want, must, should or shouldn’t do something. This is focusing on the lack in your life and setting yourself up as a victim rather than the master of your own life. There is no dependence in “I choose” or “I am”.

3. If you hear yourself saying something negative or limiting out loud, for example “I could never play tennis like that” or “I’m not good at public speaking”, reframe it. Instead use “I will continue to improve my tennis skills” and “I am an excellent public speaker and I choose to be even better with each day!”

4. Take the word “try” out of your language. There is no trying to do something or not trying to, you are either going to do it and give it your full focus, or you are not. Either is fine and perfect and entirely your decision, but recognise there is no trying involved. Have you ever tried to pick up a chair? No, you’ve either picked it up or you haven’t.

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